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Cale Erickson | Deuteronomy 6:4-9
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“In ancient Hebrew, there is no separate word for ’obey’ meaning ‘to carry out the wishes of someone who knows better than you or is in authority over you.’ In the bible if you want to say, ‘I will listen and do what you say’ you use the single word ‘Shema.’ In Hebrew, listening and doing are two sides of the same coin.” Tim Mackie, Ph.D in Hebrew Bible and Jewish studies and Chief Education Officer for BibleProject
What did Jesus command?
To love God and love the people that God loves
Love doesn’t say, “what can I get?” Love says “what can I give?”
God never expected you to do this alone.
Dear God, Thank you for this child… he/she is truly a gift to me. I pray that you would give them sweet dreams and wake them up tomorrow - one day closer towards becoming a little boy/girl who loves you with all of their heart, with all of their soul, and with all of their strength and that they seek to love their neighbor as themselves. I also pray that they know that they have a papa/parent who loves them - both on earth AND in heaven because God, we know that you are our heavenly Father. God thank you for my child. Amen
“the day teems with possibilities. Jesus’ command rouses us out of a sleepy timidity. He doesn’t tell us to go out into the world and conquer it; he calls us into a yoked companionship with himself. He doesn’t ask us to do anything that he doesn’t promise to do with us. We are not so much sent as invited along.” Eugene Peterson
Do we have ears?
Let’s listen. Let’s “shema”

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