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Isaiah 13:1-14:23
Powerful and All Powerful

1. Isaiah 13-23 starts a new section: The Burden Against 10 surrounding nations. The messages
are prophetic. Some have immediate implications and many yet future. Through the
experiences of the nations, we begin to understand our own personal struggles.
2. Chapters 13 and 14 The Burden of Babylon…the oracle concerning Babylon. When Isaiah
wrote this Babylon was a small city on the banks of the Euphrates River. It would not come to
prominence for 150-200 years after Isaiah. What Isaiah describes is the Fall of an Empire.
3. Satan is powerful…war, murder, deceptions, lies. God is all powerful! Satan rules, but God
overrules. Babylon is an empire. In the end times Babylon is the name given to the last Gentile
world power under the control of the Antichrist. In chapters 13-14 Isaiah will jump from near to far.
4. Have you experienced the power of Satan? GOD IS AT WORK!

Have you experienced the power of Satan? God is at work!
A. The Revelation 1
1. Burden of Babylon is used of prophetic writings. It is a divine message of judgment. God
knows the future!
2. Babylon is the totality of the Gentile world. From Nebuchadnezzar culminating with the
last world empire at the return of Christ. Doom is coming at the hands of the Medes (17-
22) God has a plan!
B. The Responsibility 2, 3, 4b
God must do it! God will do it!
1.Satan is powerful, BUT God is all powerful.
2.I…my The Lord of host mustereth. God is carrying out His plan. God is using the negative, wicked evil to accomplish His purposes.
C. The Reach 4, 5
1. This is bigger than just the nation of Babylon of Isaiah’s day as we will see throughout
chapters 13, 14.
2.Kingdoms of the nations…Destroy the whole land…Come from the end of heaven God isn’t a local deity…He is God of the world! These nations don’t even know they are being used by God to fulfill His purpose.

Have you experienced the power of Satan? God is at work!
II. THE LORD’S DAY 13:6-16
The Day of the Lord refers to end time judgment.
A.The Terrible Day 6-8
1.The noise of approaching armies strikes dread into the hearts of the Babylonians. The language describes the Babylonian Kingdom. The Day of the Lord tells us of a future judgment with Antichrist and His kingdom.
2.God orchestrates the evil for His purpose. The world is running on divinely laid tracks.
B.The Terrifying Day 9-13
Note: I will
1.The Day of the Lord Under the Medes the army under Belshazzar diverted the course of the Euphrates River and came under the wall.
2.This is not that! Jesus alluded to verse 10 in (Mt. 24:29). After the Tribulation…in those days the sun will be darkened…the moon shall not give light…stars shall fall from heaven, the powers of heaven shall be shaken. This Babylon is the Kingdom of the Antichrist during the Tribulation period.
3.I will punish the world…the whole land and the wicked one. This is something far greater than the Medes at the end time. I will some awfully bad things can occur as part of God’s plan.
C.The Tragic Day 13-16
1.And except those day be shortened there shall be no flesh saved (Mt. 24:22)… 2/3 to 3/4 of the earth’s population will be destroyed. 13
2.Like a scared gazelle foreigners will flee Babylon (Irag today) to their native land. When tragedy strikes…God is at work!

Have you experienced the power of Satan? God is at work!
Some feel this was fulfilled and Babylon will not be rebuilt.
A.Revelation 18 implies that the economic capital of the world may be Iraq (Babylon) on the plains of Shinar. It may be a world economic capital called Babylon.
B.The language of chapter 13 seems to embrace the future. Will a literal city be rebuilt? Babylon is fallen! Both were and will be a world dominating power!
C.For…chapter 14 is an explanation of what preceded…Israel’s deliverance and Millennial blessing. Babylon must reappear. There would be no point of Israel’s glorious note of triumph if it took place 2500 years before.
D.Fulfillment will take place at the end of the Tribulation. Satan rules, but God overrules!!

Have you experienced the power of Satan? God is at work!
This too shall pass. The light will come on. This has never occurred. These verses described
Israel’s Millennial blessing after Gentile domination.
A.The Restoration 1-3 And it shall come to pass in that day
1.Israel will occupy their own land. 1
2.Israel will attract Gentile people. 1
3.Israel will be served by her former oppressors. 2
4.Israel will enjoy rest after sorrow. 3
B.The Rejoicing 4-8
The requirements at the demise of Belshazzar do not meet the criteria. This must be some future King of Babylon.
1.How the King is described 4 It is related to the Millennial reign (1-3). Beast…King of Babylon (Rev. 14:4) are one and the same person. (13:1-10) He is the enemy of God’s people.
2.How the Kingdom is described 4 Oppression and conquest
3.How the reign is described 5, 6 He that ruleth nations in anger and unrelenting persecution.
4.How his decease is received 7, 8 There is no suggestion of the Medes/Persians, Greece or Rome. We see the destruction of the final foe and implies Millennial rest and peace. Rest and Peace is coming.

Have you experienced the power of Satan? God is at work!
Satan’s man is coming down. Satan is coming down!
A.The Reception At His Fall 9-11
1.King of Babylon (Antichrist) Sheol…is a place of consciousness, speech and remembrance. The dead are alive!
2.Death is never termination or annihilation. It is a change of state. It is a place and there is continuing personal identity.
3.Sheol There is personal continuation. There is mutual recognition. They are the same people they were on earth.
4.Rich carpet gave way to worms. (11)
B.The Reason For His Fall 12-14
1.The spirit of Satan is embodied in the Antichrist. He has the same attributes and the same end. This is the beginning of the Devil, Satan.
2.The spirit of Satan is I will…Pride…Antichrist and False Prophet will be the first two in hell!
C.The Retribution At His Fall 15-17
1.Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.
2.This will be the end of all who reject Jesus Christ. Why? I will…I will…I will…
D.The Rest At His Fall 18-20
There is not honorable burial. They are cast away with no graves. The Beast and the False Prophet are cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. (Rev. 19:20)

Have you experienced the power of Satan? God is at work!
The government rests on the Lord! The Lord will always have the last word!

Satan is powerful, BUT God is ALL POWERFUL!!

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