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Sunday, June 19, 2022
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  • The Boys and Girls Club
    560 N Rupple Rd, Fayetteville, AR 72704, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 11:00 AM

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Feedback Culture
- Come on somebody
- Say it again
- Amen
- "That’s good
- Toes
- That’s the tea
- Tat that
What is prayer?
What can I pray about?
Why do I sometimes not want to pray?
How can I build a culture of prayer in my home?
Prayer is not a priority to add to your life. It's the paper in which you write the priorities of your life. It's not a supplement, it's oxygen.
- Prayer = Relationship
- You were designed to pray about anything and everything
Why do I sometimes not want to pray?
"You were born on a battlefield, you will live every day on a battlefield and you will die on a battlefield” - John Eldridge.
If you were to boil down the mission statement of the devil and his demons against humanity, it would be condensed down into this one statement:

"Don't let them fix their eyes on Jesus."
- Prayer = Relationship
- You were designed to pray about anything and everything
- Satan is actively seeking to distract you from prayer
Love God Passionately,
Love People Tangibly
Communication barriers with God
• Busyness
• Sinful lifestyle
• Distractive technology
• Voice of guilt
• Lack of persistence
• Invite Holy Spirit into everything.
• Pray for huge things and seemingly small things.
• word of God
• Pray out loud all the time about everything.
• Do it all with your kids
• Parents ask your kids to pray for you
• Not everyone prays at night
• Your kids can tell if prayer is obligatory or dependent
• Your kids need to see you need Jesus.
• Pray every time you see Sirens
• A barrier of Parents can be that you don’t want kids to pray for something and it not come through. But you don’t have to be God’s defense. unanswered prayers are teaching moments.
• Push your kids to take their emotions to God.
• We need to teach our kids to praise God.
Ministry Time

- What's an area of your life you can invite Holy Spirit into?
- What is a distraction you can say no to, to say yes to more of God?