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Parkerville Baptist Church

Staying Faithful in the Seasons of Life - Part 2

Staying Faithful in the Seasons of Life - Part 2

Last week we heard some of Craig's journey in "Staying Faithful in the Seasons of Life". This Sunday Pastor Rowan du Boulay will bring us Part 2 and share some of his journey.

Locations & Times

Parkerville Baptist Church

910 Seaborne St, Parkerville WA 6081, Australia

Sunday 9:30 AM

About Parkerville Baptist Church

<b>Why we exist …</b><br>Love God, love others, make disciples … that’s the commission Jesus left his followers. <br>At Parky, it’s our mission to do this by sharing our lives and creating pathways that inspire people to wholeheartedly follow Jesus.<br><br>Visit to learn more about our church.

What is your favourite season of the year?

Luke 8:22-39

What does this story tell us about Jesus?

He is in control.
He has authority and power to overcome storms.
What does this story tell us about what we are called to do?

He calls us to trust him and live by faith
He calls us to testify to those around us
He calls us to go to where people are in need

Elephants migrating!

Seasons of Life cause us to trust and live by faith in different ways

Our journey with Parky and Parky Care and making disciples.

By Faith

By Faith


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