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Sunday Morning Service
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Isaiah 8:9-9:7
God Must Do It!

1. Why do we fail? “I can’t...He can”. God must do it!
2. Isaiah 8:9-9:7 when it comes to the spiritual world, you must be available, but GOD MUST

Why do we fail? “I can’t...He can”. God must do it!
God must do it when you are tempted to compromise.
A. The Challenge 9a
1. Israel was tempted to not trust God and align herself with Assyria.
2. Compromise is to choose otherwise…standards, convictions, choose wrong friends,
you go to wrong places.
B. The Cost 9b-10a
1. You shall be broken in pieces (3 times in v. 1)
2. Counsel comes to nought…what you say will not happen.
C. The Certainty 10b
God is with us!
1. Practice the presence of God when tempted to compromise.
2. What would Jesus do?

Why do we fail? “I can’t...He can”. God must do it!
God must do it when going along with the crowd is popular, accepted and easiest.
A. He Is My Strength 11
Spoke to me with a strong hand. I shall not walk in the way of this people.
His will and a desire to do His will must be greater than the crowd.
B. He Is My Sanctification 12
1. Set apart the Lord of host. God must do it when we are afraid.
2. Let Him be your fear…stand in awe of Him.
“He feared man so little, because he feared God so much.”
C. He Is My Sanctuary 13-15
1. This is the place to run!
2. How we treat God determines how we experience Him. Either a sanctuary or a
snare…or a stumbling stone (stumble, fall, broken, snared…taken away) 15

Why do we fail? “I can’t...He can”. God must do it!
God must do it when you need direction.
A. Appropriation 16
Bind up…seal God’s Word must be appropriated.
B. Apprehension 17
I will wait upon the Lord. I will look for Him. The Word of God will lead us to
Him. God is the fuel that makes us go!!
C. Authentication 18
1. Isaiah’s two sons were signs and wonders. Shear-jashub (7:3) “a remnant shall
return.” Mahor-shalal-hashbaz “haste ye…haste ye to the spoil.” Isaiah “salvation of
the Lord.”
2. God must do it because He has a plan.
Why do we fail? “I can’t...He can”. God must do it!
If God doesn’t do it, you must do it. Doing it yourself always brings negative results.
A. Dangerous 19
1. By what authority do you live?
2. Mediums…Wizards who peep and mutter. It’s that or God!!
B. Distressed 21
1. Distressed, hungry, fret, curse the king and God.
2. Many are anxious, never satisfied, uptight. They have a real hard time with authority
figures. They don’t want God to tell them what to do.
C. Dark 20,23
1. There was no light in them…if they speak not according to this Word. 20
2. There was no light outside of them…Darkness all around them. 23
God doesn’t leave us in the dark!

Why do we fail? “I can’t...He can”. God must do it!
Jesus comes...this is God!
A. Christ, the Great Light 1,2
1. Zebulun…Naphtali were northern provinces. Dimness, vexation, affliction, Galilee
of the nations…they were the most ignorant of Jewish ways.
2.What a picture of those without Christ. 2 They walk in darkness…living in the
shadow of death.
3.Have seen a great light…Then Jesus comes! Upon them the Great Light shined.
(Matthew 4:12-16) The Light comes on! The darkness of sin can be cured by one remedy…LIGHT. I am the light of the world; He that follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. (John 8:12)
B. Christ, the Great Liberator 3-5
1. The Character of This Liberation 3 The fulfillment will be at the 2nd coming,
and the Millennial Kingdom. It can be applied to salvation: Three words describe the
character of this liberation: Multiplied the Nations…Joy Increased…Rejoice
Joy overflows. There is no greater joy than to see a soul liberated by Jesus!!
2. The Characteristics of This Liberation 4 God alone does this! Broken is the
key: Yoke of Burden (Broken) Staff of his back (Broken) Rod of the Oppressor
3. The Conclusion of This Liberation 5 After the Battle of Armageddon…when
Jesus comes at salvation…the war is over. We are no longer enemies but friends.
We are joint heirs with Jesus. This is the reason to rejoice!
C. Christ, the Great Lord 6-7
These deal primarily with the 1000 year reign of Christ, except the first of v. 6.
1. The Distinction of This Lord 6a For unto us a child is born (His humanity).
For unto us a son (the very essence of His Father) is given. The government on His
shoulders (must refer to His 2nd coming).
2. The Description of This Lord 6b His Name (His character): Wonderful
Counselor…the Mighty God (God champion)…the everlasting Father. How can you
have a child born be the Father of eternity? This One was God-man. He was the
possessor of eternal life. He that has the Son has life! The prince of peace…He
brings peace!
3. The Destiny of This Lord 7 It hasn’t been done yet! The Lord of host will do

God Must Do It...You Can’t!

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