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Pakistan Recap
Listen to our leaders as they recap their recent trip to Pakistan. It was full of the wonders of God!
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The History of our work in Pakistan. This is all prior to April 2022.

We have gotten to be a part of God’s Work in Pakistan. Here is how:

God laid Pakistan on my heart to begin to pray for about 7 years ago. I prayed.

5 years later I met Daniel and his wife Primula through some of his family that had a large ministry in the city of Lahore. His family had been verified by a couple of evangelist friends of mine. After about a year of developing a friendship over Facebook and What’s App, ministry began to happen.

In September of 2020 Daniel asked me to preach to his home group of leaders in Lahore. There were about 15 people in the house. I testified via Facebook Messenger Video to his group about the people in India who were saved and began to pray for the people beside them. Brand new baby believers were laying hands on people, and they were being healed. I told them they had the same Holy Spirit and to go and do the same. It was the first time I preached there. Later, after I had preached to the leaders - Daniel said that they had done what I told them to do. He told me one testimony of tumors being healed of one of their mothers as the daughter went home and prayed for the cancer.

After this, Daniel asked me to preach a mini outreach. No cost. So, I did. He called me 30 minutes later than he had said. There was no video. He said, "They are ready. Just preach." So, without knowing who I was preaching to, what they looked like, or how many… I began to preach the Gospel through a translator over the phone with no video. At the end, I asked if people wanted to be born again. He said many were raising their hands. I led them in a prayer of salvation and told Daniel to go lay their hands on them and pray for miracles and Healing and how the Lord led.

A couple of days later, Daniel sent me a video. Someone had taken a video with their phone of this whole scene. Daniel had called me 30 minutes late because of some local persecution. I believe someone was raped. The people had fled but some were still hungry for the Gospel. They had found an empty room and gathered. There were about 20 in the room. They then called me and that is why it was 30 minutes late. The video showed the translator translating me preaching. You can hear me on the speaker phone in the video. You can see the people receiving Jesus. It was beautiful. Each time God used me in a way like this and like above, I felt more a part of God's plan for Pakistan and my heart was more and more connected to Daniel.

Daniel’s and my conversation became more and more like true brothers. He told me that he had on his heart to go to an unreached area of Pakistan in the Sindh State, Sanghar district. I told him to pray and God would invite him there. We then prayed together about it.

About a week or two later, Daniel got a call from Deva, a man and his family inviting him to come and tell them about Jesus. Daniel asked me if we wanted to help. He said it would cost 1$ a head to bus in the people. He wanted to invite 500 people from the surrounding areas. I took it to our leaders. We decided to sow the $500. We wanted to see if Daniel could be faithful with a little. Especially since we had never been to Pakistan and met him face to face. I knew people who had been to Pakistan to do ministry with Daniel's brother-in-law John Javed. I knew that Daniel had been mentored by him, so there was some legitimacy. Also, this relationship with Daniel and Primula, his wife, had started about a year before this. There was consistency in his life and words as far as I could tell and as confirmed by the Holy Spirit.

Daniel and his wife traveled 14 hours by train from Lahore to Sindh and did the crusade. 400 people showed up. Over 100 people gave their lives to Jesus. Daniel then went to the 15 villages where these people were bussed in from. He was visiting and praying and preaching the Gospel. Over the course of 3 days, 300 total people gave their lives to Jesus. This is an area of Pakistan previously unreached by the Gospel!

I asked Daniel if there was a church near them. He said that there wasn't. The closest he knew of was about 6 hours away. I asked if there were any pastors or leaders. Daniel said that he didn't know of any closer than the church. I then asked Daniel what the new believers needed the most. Daniel said, "Bibles!" I said, "No they don't!" The church existed for 1500 years without printed Bibles. They need leaders, disciple makers. I asked him, "What if God were to put it on someone's heart that went with you on this trip to move there and spend 6 months discipling the people? Them we could raise up a leader for each village?"

Daniel got excited, "God put this on my heart last night! It is Faruk. He was my translator and is my spiritual son. He would definitely go!"

I said, "Hold on Daniel. Let's pray that God puts this on Faruk's heart first." So we prayed. Daniel then talked to Faruk and he was willing. He was to pick up his wife and 2 kids and move 8 hours from his home to these villages. The plan was for him to live about an hour away because his wife and kids didn't speak Marvati, the language. His kids needed to continue school. So for the travel and schooling and food and bills and etc, it would cost about $1000 a month for his family. This would allow Faruk to work full time traveling from village to village discipling the new believers and preparing for multiplication.

We figured it would take $6000 to cover Faruk's family for 6 months. Also, these new believers had been kicked out of their Hindu temples and had no access to water now because the Hindu temple was the only access to water. At the time it cost $300 to do a hand water pump/well. This would give the new believers access to clean water.

I told our leaders and we agreed to do something we had never done as a church. We were going to take up a 5th Sunday offering. The whole Sunday would go to this mission. Personally, I was thinking that we would have about $3000 come in. That was a normal Sunday offering at the time.

On that Sunday, I told them the story typed out above. I told them that everything we took up this Sunday was going to go to discipling these people for 6 months. I told them we needed $6000 to cover Faruk's Salary. I told them that these new believers had been kicked out of their Hindu temples and had no access to water now because the Hindu temple was the only access to water. I asked them to ask God and follow His lead to give.

They did! Our church gave $15,614.78 that one Sunday. It was radical Generosity, a miracle.

We had the $6000 to give to Faruk, and we did so $1000 one month at a time. We also gave $1500 for 5 wells initially. We wanted to see how quickly they were put in - it took about 2 weeks to get them all done. Daniel was very faithful to lead and administrate all that was going on.

We also spent $1200 to buy Faruk a motorbike to travel between the 15 villages daily. This greatly helped with the effectiveness. This also, left money to help with Daniel and Primula's travel to the villages from Lahore every few months so that they could go and check on it.

Over the course of the next 2-3 months, we put in a total of 15 water wells. This gave the new believers more influence in their villages.

After 3 months, I became a bit concerned about the work. Faruk had been travelling back and forth between the villages, but there was no multiplication. There were still only 300 believers. Don't get me wrong, 300 believers is a big deal. But, when that many new believers are not multiplying for even one new salvation, in an area where no one has heard the Gospel, there is a problem.

After Faruk was there for a total of 3 months, I got a call from Daniel Saleem and his father. They asked me how we were going to disciple these new believers. I was a bit dumbfounded. I had thought that Daniel would know what to do, but when they asked me this question, I knew that God was asking me to play a deeper role in the discipleship and multiplication of this work. Daniel and his dad prayed for me to have wisdom from God on what to do.

After Daniel and his dad prayed for me. God put on my heart exactly who I needed to talk to… Matt Clark.

Matt Clark was a close friend and mentor. He was my youth pastor. Later in life, we had travelled all over the world together preaching and teaching together. He had become a very successful business man, a very generous giver, a avid preacher of the Word, and a board member for one of the most prolific ministries of the Gospel. ICM has planted well over 20,000 churches in India. Matt was part of their implementation of T4T - Training for Trainers. A Disciple Making Movement that was started by Ying Kai and written about in a book called T4T by Steve Smith and Ying Kai. Matt told me I needed to read the book.

I then read the book and learned from the pages how to implement T4T principles. I then tried to teach them to Daniel in Pakistan via What's App. He was a bit confused at first and asked me to teach his small group in his home city of Lahore. He wanted to see it in action.

So, I did. I trained his people via What's App Video Call and led Daniel as he led the people. That week, for the first time, the people in the small group began to lead people to Jesus. They began to multiply. Out of that group came a couple of other groups within a matter of weeks.

Daniel understood the process now. I sent him pages of the T4T book to study, and we would discuss how to implement it. He then went on a trip down to Sindh to train Faruk and the people in T4T and to appoint and commission leaders.

This all happened at about 3 months from sending Faruk to the villages, about 4 months from the first crusade of 400 people. Things began to multiply. Over the next 3 months, multiplication began and 150 new believers were added. This was mostly from the new believers sharing their testimony and the Gospel with the other villagers. Now, there were 450 believers in 6 months total with 15 leaders.

To end Faruk's time there, we wanted to do another crusade. This time, we were hoping for 2000 people to come. The cost would be 15,000$. I talked to a couple of my pastor friends locally between the two, they sowed 13000$. This helped 3 churches in the area to be on mission together in Pakistan. We held the crusade and 2000 came with over 900 people being born again. This gave us about 1350 or more new believers in just 6 months. What had started from one family from one village asking Daniel to come, was now 1350 people from 15 villages that believed in Jesus.

Faruk moved back home.

We continued to disciple them in the Lord using the T4T process. Daniel would stay in contact with the leaders via WhatsApp. He also would go and encourage the leaders every couple of months. We decided not to do another crusade for a while because we wanted them to multiply and mature using the discipleship method believing that God would show the proper time for the next crusade.

During this time, Daniel noticed that many of the new believers were afraid to be bold in their faith because of persecution. Daniel taught them about the Holy Spirit and boldness. As the believers received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit they began to wear crosses around their necks and be unafraid and unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

6 more months passed. At the 1-year mark of sending Faruk, there were 2000 born again believers and 25 male leaders. They had begun to multiply faster.

The females still were being held back by the men because of the culture. Females were treated more like slaves than sisters in Christ and those empowered with the same Holy Spirit that the male was. Daniel went on another trip and taught them correctly with regard to this according to Scripture. It was well received. The men leaders recognized their wives as leaders too and empowered them to go and preach to the women. At this point we had 25 male leaders and 25 female leaders.

From time-to-time doctrinal issues would come up due to the influence of some other belief system in the area. Daniel would talk to me about it, we would discuss and pray. Daniel would then train the leaders correctly and they would train the people. One such issue was the doctrine of the trinity. Daniel is great at breaking down complex ideas into things new Christians can understand.

It has now been a total of 16 months since we first sent Faruk. There are now over 2700 believers in over 27 villages. They keep multiplying and have begun to go outside of their own villages to share the good news of Jesus. I don't see this stopping but multiplying all the more.

God has begun to develop relationships with others who are seeing what God is doing and are called to be a part. The 33rd Company has begun to help with the wells. At the time of this writing they have dug 3 more wells and have planned on digging a well for each month in the new villages. Because of rising fuel prices, each well costs about $450.

The water wells not only provide clean water, but also a place to preach the Gospel and be generous to those who are not Christians in the area. The clean water has caused those drinking it to be healthier. There is literally a marked change in how much people in the villages get sick.

We are also in talks about public toilets 50 ft from the wells so that people can learn how to clean themselves and wash their hands. We expect sickness to drop even further for each village in which we build one. We will start with a test toilet to see if it benefits as we expect, then will put a toilet near each well. These cost about $850 a piece.

We believe it is now time to do a 15,000-person crusade. As of my last conversation with Daniel, there are now 10 groups of 10 leaders that meet weekly and then go back to the 27 villages to evangelize and lead T4T groups. I believe we have the structure to disciple another great one-day harvest of souls. This will put fuel on the fire and likely spread the Gospel to more than just the 27 villages. I hope to multiply from 100 leaders to 500 leaders in the next 2 months by asking each leader to pray about and select 5 people to spend extra time within a group and commission them to lead groups in their villages to the same degree that they are. This will help to prepare for the coming harvest.

I pray for 10,000 souls to come to know Jesus in the upcoming crusade.

33rd Company is praying about buying land building a training center in the center of the villages. This would be a place where ongoing equipping and commissioning to go can happen. I believe this will be the ongoing overflow to the rest of Pakistan. The Best is yet to come. Lord willing, our church leadership team will send me with the 33rd Company the first week of May 2022 to help with the 15000-person crusade and to see and pray for the land that we will purchase for the training center. My heart burns to go. We will visit the villages, pray for the people, build stronger relationships, laugh with them, cry with them tears of joy, and learn from their fresh joy and passion in following Jesus. We will encourage Daniel and spend time rejoicing about all that God has done. This is miraculous and it is such an honor to get to be a part! We will also worship, pray, and dream together with each other under the leadership of the Holy Spirit about what is to come. We pray the Middle East for Jesus. The Gates of Hell shall not stop the move of God. We choose to be faithful with a little. We know, that God will take that little and multiply His Kingdom in His timing. In the same way that I don't know how long it takes for an apple seed to become an orchard, I don't know how long it will take for this to fill the whole of Pakistan and the Middle East. We are just excited to follow and play whatever role He wants us to play in His plan of expanding His Kingdom!
A Prophetic Vision concerning our Trip to Pakistan.

This was spoken to us by someone in our church a few days before we left.

As I was praying for the trip, I saw a dirt road crossing a large open field. It was strewn with huge boulders and immense chunks of concrete. No one could pass through because it was completely blocked with obstacles. (I do not know why no one could simply walk on the outside edges of the road.) Then I saw huge, burly angels land on the road and begin to smash the boulders and pieces of concrete to smithereens with giant mallets. They were having a wonderful time, laughing and shouting with joy. Sometimes they used the mallets like croquet mallets and would whack the boulders off into the unseen distance. I began to perceive demons a distance away and they were screaming in frustration. Their assignment had been to place the obstacles on the road and it had been an extremely difficult endeavor. Now the angels were easily destroying all their work and having huge fun doing it.

Once the road was clear, I sensed the Father at the head of it. He said a word
(I did not hear what it was) and almond saplings appeared all along each side of the road (many, many trees as the road stretched off into the distance). As I watched, they grew to maturity, blossomed and began to bear almonds. The air was filled with the aroma of almonds. The road was beautiful and peaceful.

As I am typing, Holy Spirit is showing me doves and other small birds nesting in the trees and raising little ones.

End of vision.


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