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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Isaiah 7:1-8:8
“Do You Trust Me?”

1. God says, “Do you trust Me?” God will bring us to a crisis. My question: Will He come
2. Isaiah 7:1-8:8 Ahaz faces a crisis… “Do you trust Me?”

Do you trust Me?
Will you trust Me?
God permits crisis to come into our lives.
A. Will you trust Me...when you are in a battle? 1
1. And it came to pass…this is by God’s design. In the days of Ahaz.
2. Jotham was a good king, and then came an evil king with Ahaz.
3. He is busy supervising the defenses of Jerusalem. Rezin of Syria and Pekah of
Ephraim. It was a battle! War against it!
4. You find yourself in a crisis…a battle: Will you trust Me? You either get of God’s
shoulders or you do it yourself!
B. Will you trust Me...when you are outnumbered and the odds are against you? 2
1. Your heart is moved…you panic!
2. Those close to you panic!
C. Will you trust Me...when you are confronted with God’s Word? 3
1. Will you listen to God’s Word?
2. Isaiah means ‘Salvation of Jehovah’. The Lord said to Isaiah. Shear-jashub
means ‘The remanent shall return.’
D. Will you trust Me...when you are challenged to REST and do nothing? 4
1. We may say, Stay calm before these two burned out cigarette butts. I will not
allow them to succeed.
2. Within 3 years Syria was crushed. Israel fell after that. To Rest and do nothing is
not easy!
E. Will you trust Me...when evil counsel is taken against you? 5-6
1. Tabeel means ‘The good God.’ Change one letter in the Hebrew Tabeal means,
‘good of nothing’.
2. It is hard to trust when others attack you. It doesn’t take much to move from ‘the
good God’ to ‘good for nothing’!
F. Will you trust Me...when you must rest on God’s promises? 7
1. Within 65 years Ephraim would cease to exist. The last remnants were carried off
in 671 B.C.
2. God may be slow, but He is never later. Just because it does not happen by
Friday does not mean that God has forgotten!
G. Will you trust Me...when God is at work to bring us Victory? 8
We are more than conquerors!
H. Will you trust Me...when you have nowhere else to turn? 9
If you will not trust Me... everything will fall apart!

Do you trust Me?
How do you know you can trust Him?
How do you know that you can trust Him? Against the confederacy that is going to
destroy the house of David and replace the royal line with the vassal king, son of Tabeal
(good for nothing). (Matthew 1:22, 23 interprets Isaiah 7:10-16)
A. Disobedience 10-12
Ask a sign…I won’t ask.
B. Displeasure 13
Will you weary God? He is addressing the house of David, not Ahaz.
C. Design 14-16
I will give you a sign.
1.Behold…Stop, Look and Listen!
2.The virgin (almah) Almah: the only word that definitely means an unmarried, pure woman and never to a married woman.
*The virgin goes to (Genesis 3:15) the seed of the woman.
*What sign is going to be given to the line of David? Almah is used 9 times in
the Old Testament. 8 times the word is translated Virgin. A virgin is going to
conceive. Impossible! THAT IS THE SIGN!
3. Shall call his name Immanuel…His character is God With Us! This explains the
reason for the manner of His conception. The name cannot apply to anyone who
is not God. No one else in the Old Testament has that name. Immanuel conveys
His absolute deity and His perfect humanity.
4.V. 15 speaks of His humanity. Butter and honey were common diet ingredients and implies a plain surrounding. There may have been a dual fulfillment. A virgin at that time (8:1-4) Israel took a second wife. Israel would be captured in 722 B.C.
God is as trustworthy as the virgin birth!!

Do you trust Me?
What if you don’t trust Him?!
Ahaz says, “I do not trust You.” He must then trust himself. He trusts Assyria!! The
very thing upon which you trust will capture you!! If you do not trust Him, you must
trust yourself. IT WILL ALWAYS FAIL!
A. The Certainty of Failure 17-25
Shall…it is certain! You cannot trust yourself and not get hurt!
B. The Centrality of Failure 17-8:8
1. You get the opposite of what you expected.
2. You may start out good, but a good start does not determine the finish.
3. You will be ashamed. Vss. 20-25 Large grazing areas but insufficient to
cultivate the fields.
4. You will get briars and thorns. (23-25)
5. You will be ‘spoiled’ 8:1-4

Do you trust Me?

To whom will you go? On what will you trust?

The wiseman built his house upon the rock…the foolish man built his house upon the sand.


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