CrossWay Church
May 8, 2022: Luke 10:1-20
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
Locations & Times
  • CrossWay Church Battle Ground
    311 N Parkway Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM
  • CrossWay Church
    Sunday 10:00 AM
Luke 10:1-20 Jesus sends the 72
I) The Mission
A) Jesus _______ his disciples up ahead of him.
1) He sent more than just the _________ apostles.
2) The number ________ matches the number of nations in Genesis 10 and could preview worldwide expansion.
B) The spiritual harvest needs __________ workers.
1) We need to ________ that God would bring more.
2) We need to ________ these workers!
C) Jesus makes it clear we will face ____________.
D) God will provide what we ____________.
II) The Message
A) Declare that peace (______________) with God is available.
B) It comes through the Kingdom of God -repenting and believing in the _______________ of Jesus.
C) There are ______________ consequences to not believing.
D) Jesus’s practical advice about the sharing message.
1) Invest energy where there is ___________ in the message.
2) _____________ on when there is no interest.
Who do you know that seems interested in the gospel? How can you invest in them?
Who is resistant to the gospel? How can you pray for them?
III) The Motivation
A) Improper Motivation: The disciples focused on _____________.
B) Proper Motivation: Jesus focuses on ____________.
The kingdom of God is the presence and powerful lordship of Jesus! This kingdom is known and seen wherever Christ is acknowledged, where his subjects are saved, where his enemies are vanquished, and where his ways are obeyed. (I adapted this from a blog post by Sam Storms)

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