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    Sunday 10:00 AM

John's Introduction of Jesus - Full of grace and full of truth.
Grace and Truth balance means we learn to balance compassion for people while maintaining a passion for truth.

Passion for truth alone leads us to self-righteousness.
The teacher of the law - was convinced that he had it all together.

The Priest and the Levite - elevated or prioritized rules and rituals over life.

“Passion means suffering- If you live a life of passion that means you are living a life that is for something bigger than yourself.” (Tim Keller)

Balance of passion of truth and compassion of grace inspires selflessness.

Passion and compassion makes us good and selfless neighbors.

Here are three simple observations for us to take from that story.

When passion leads to compassion we will give grace and truth.
When passion leads to compassion we will stoop down.
When passion leads to compassion, we respond with selflessness.