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Revelation: Message 7
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God’s Answer To The Cry For Justice

Biblically speaking the number ___________ is a symbolic way of saying ____ ______________.
To use the language of Paul in Galatians 3:28, the church is Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female. Or, to use the words of the children's song, the church is _______, and _____________, __________, and __________.
Acts of the Apostles 2:9-11 NLT

Suggested Reading for additional study in the book of Revelation
Several of these titles are available in The Lending Nook.
• Dan Boone, Answers for Chicken Little
• Craig Koester, Revelation and the End of All Things
• Darrel Johnson, Discipleship on the edge
• Eugene Peterson, Reversed Thunder
• H. Ray Dunning, The Second Coming -A Wesleyan Approach
• William Barclay, Commentary on Revelation


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Looking back at your notes from this Sunday, talk about what stood out to you in the message. Was there something especially helpful, challenging, convicting, or hard to grasp?
Think of what took place in WW2 with the Nazis, the Rwanda genocide in 1994, and the recent events in the town of Bucha. How can our God be a good God if he does not one day bring justice and judgment on those who reject Him and choose evil?
One of the things that we have to remember is that all of chapters 8-11 is a response to the cries of the people of God in chapter 6:9-10. How does this help you understand how God can be full of love and yet a God who brings judgment?

Going Deeper Into God’s Word
On your own this week read the account of the plagues in Egypt: Exodus 7:14-11:8. What is the purpose of the plagues? Do you see parallels between these plagues and the events that follow the trumpets?
Look again at Revelation 8:3-5. What is the relationship between the prayer of Revelation 6:9-10 and the events of chapter 8? Look also at Ezekiel 10:1-7. Jeremiah 23:15, Isaiah 13:6-19 (esp 10).
John sees these events after he sees the events of chapter 6. But we know in Chapter 12 John sees the birth of Christ so this is not about what happens next, but what John sees next. Many scholars suggest the seals of chapter 6 and the trumpets of chapter 8 are the same judgment from different perspectives. What do you think of this idea? Look especially at 6:12-17 and 8:12.
Do you long for God's judgment? Should you long for God's judgment? What impact does the prospect of judgment (for you and for others) have on your life? Consider Mat 6:10.


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