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Welcome Back to Wk3 of Paparazzi and again, the premise behind this thought process is simply recognizing that People are watching and what are they seeing from those of us who claim to be Christ followers.

Now that said, we aren’t living a life simply for the sake of viewership, but rather living a life running after the father. In that, our lives should reflect our growth in our Spiritual walk with HIM.

So as we recap James one, two and three… we see some key takeaways from the last few weeks.

Recap Takeaways
1. We should view trials in our lives as a means of growth , praying for wisdom to resist temptation during difficult circumstances.
2. As Christians, it is important that we do more than just listen to and study the Bible, we have to apply its words to our lives.
3. We shouldn’t discriminate against anyone based on their outward appearances or circumstances, but instead show love to all people.
4. Faith without a change in outward behavior , is useless.
5. A person’s words can make or break them. Christians, with God’s help, should learn to control their mouth.
6. Earthly wisdom is centered on selfishness , but true godly wisdom focuses on others .
So what are we seeing here?

1. It’s the war within ourselves that breeds the quarrels and strife. Don’t give into the temptation to serve yourself foremost.

2. Our answer is found in His Word .

3. God will judge the person. We are called to love people into God’s kingdom.

4. Do what you ought to do.


1. Allowing yourself to be influenced by the world will ultimately sever your relationship with God and produce strife with the people around you.

2. Any plans we have for the future should revolve around God’s desire for our life.