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Revelation Message 5
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The First 6 Seals

• How do we respond to the _____________ & _______________ that life confronts us with?

• The first thing we need to understand about this passage is that the _________ _____________ still ___________.

The Four Horseman
• The first seal and the rider known as ____________.
• Revelation 6:2
• The second seal and the horseman who rides a red horse and if he had a name it would be ____________.
• Revelation 6:3-4
• The third seal and the horseman who rides a black horse and his name is ____________.
• Revelation 6:5-6
• The fourth seal and the horseman who is on a sickly pale green horse. His name is ___________.
• Revelation 6:7-8

• The hope that Christians have is that the evil these horsemen represent _____________.
• Revelation 7:2-3


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Looking back at your notes from this Sunday, talk about what stood out to you in the message. Was there something especially helpful, challenging, convicting, or hard to grasp?

What examples would you give of the four horsemen of the apocalypse at work in the world today?

Additional Scripture
As you read through verses 1-8, how do you think the 7 churches interpret the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse? Would they have viewed these events as something that would happen way into the future, or in their own lifetime? Or both? Why?

What is revealed by the opening of the fifth seal (vs 9)? What things in the world today make you want to cry out “How long, O Lord,” like the martyrs of Revelation 6?

What occurs when the sixth seal is broken? Who can stand the wrath of God?

Next Steps
Which seal opening makes the greatest impression on you? Why?
In what areas of your life are you trying to hide from God? What do you need to do to come out of hiding?


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