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Pennsville Baptist Church
Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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  • Pennsville Baptist Church
    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
Isaiah 1:21-31
“Redeemed, How I Love To Proclaim It”

1. Do you find yourself in a hole and no way out? Jesus is the way out.
2. Isaiah 1:21-31 what have we become and what does God do with people like us? He sees us
as we are and He pays the price!

Do you find yourself in a hole and no way out? Jesus is the way out.
A. Our Corruption 21-22
1. You Weren’t Always Like This 21 Jerusalem was once faithful!!
*A faithful city has become a harlot! The book of Hosea has the story in
chapters 1-3. Hosea took Gomer, a wife of harlotry and children of harlotry: for
the land has committed great harlotry…departing from the Lord (1:2)
*Full of justice…righteousness lodged in her. Filled with justice…she lived
according to the revealed will of God.
*Righteousness lodged in her…Righteousness was a permanent dwelling to do
what was right.
*But now murderers…You weren’t always like this. Look at little children.
2. Look At What You’ve Become 22
*Silver represents all that is noble and pure. Silver has become something else
…dross!! Dross is the ugly remains of purified silver!
*Thy wine mixed with water…Wine that is watered down. Jerusalem once
possessed something desirable…silver and fine wine.
*Look At What You’ve Become…homeless…alone…dependent on drugs or
alcohol…bitter…hate…jealous, etc.
*Once they start…they never intend to end up like this…shoot 10 and then kill
B. Our Condemnation 23
1. The Charges are against the leaders. They represent the people.
*Children often follow their parents. Teens follow their peers.
*Who are you following?
2. The Contamination
*The Targum illuminates v. 23 All of them love to accept bribes saying a man to
his neighbor ‘assist me in my case, so I will repay you in your case.’
*Money is what matters. Materialism is where it’s at! Use people to get ahead.
*The hole is getting deeper!

Do you find yourself in a hole and no way out? Jesus is the way out.
I believe that this will happen during the Millennial reign of Christ. It can happen in us (1:18,
19) when we come willing and obedient.
A. The Greatness of God 24
To His credit and glory, no matter what we do, God just won’t go away. God is still
God!! After the charges in vss. 21-23 would we expect total annihilation?! Redemption
is surprising!!
1.Therefore includes all that precedes. The Lord will act. There will be purging and purifying.
2.God is involved: Lord…adoni The Lord is absolute Master of all. At will He can erase His enemies. The Lord of hosts This is His heavenly armies. The mighty One
He will manifest His strength. Judgment will certainly come.
3. Judgment is not for destruction, but purification. He wants to restore His people.
(25) Master…When He decides to punish sinners He will do so!
B. The Grace of God 25-27 I Will
1. His Purge 25
Whom the Lord loves He chastens.
*God’s industrial strength cleaner (as with lye) thy dross to remove. The
alchemist would heat the gold…remove the dross…until he could see a
reflection of himself. He wants to remove the deep stains of our long standing,
well established sins. (1:18)
*I will turn…I will restore
God’s action will accomplish two things: Purification and Restoration.
2. His Purity 26
*God moves them from a harlot to a faithful city.
*The city of righteousness…The faithful city…This can only be true when Jesus
3. His Process 27
*Redemption Zion shall be redeemed...Redeemed is deliverance through
payment. Jesus Paid the Price!
*Repentance is a change of mind and heart. He speaks to the lost and the
saved. Those who return through true repentance. And the Redeemer shall come
to Zion, and unto those who turn from transgression in Jacob saith the Lord.
(Is. 59:20)
*Righteousness This comes after Redemption and Repentance. In sin God is the
offended party. He is not looking for good people. He is looking for perfect
people. Romans speaks of Righteousness in two ways: Imparted He gives it to
me. Imputed God puts righteousness to my account.
For he hath made Him, who knew no sin, to be sin for us, that we might be made
the righteousness of God in Him. (II Cor 5:21)

Do you find yourself in a hole and no way out? Jesus is the way out.
It is like vss. 18-20. It serves to justify the threat of v. 28. “Those who forsake...will be
consumed...they shall be ashamed”
A. What They Wanted 29 Desired…a choice is made.
1. Oaks are oak groves of idol worship.
2. Gardens were full of gods.
3. You have chosen. We choose ‘oaks’…those things we think will last. ‘Garden’ is
temporary enjoyment, temporary entertainment, temporary enlightenment. It Won’t
B. What They Got 30
1. Ye shall be…Oak trees die and oak leaves fade. Garden dries up with no water. It
Won’t Last!
2.It lacks that which sustains life. They shall be ashamed. In the end they hang their
head in shame.
C. What They Were 31a
1. They were strong.
2. The mighty trees will perish. The strongest will lose their strength. The strongest
will perish.
D. What They Will Be 31b
1. The strong man…both he and his work will burn together.
2. None to quench them. Nothing can stop this process.
3. And Then What??? High School…then what? College or military…then what?
Marriage…Job…Family…then what? Retire…Die…Then What?

Our Only Hope Is Jesus Christ!!
Have you come to Christ? The payment has been made!

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