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Revelation 4-5
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A Throne of Hope for Today-Revelation 4-5
Pastor Joey Bocook
March 20, 2022

What awaits us in the book of Revelation?
The ________ are the ________; and the _________ are the __________.
-Allister Begg

A perspective of ______.
A ______________ in the middle of ________.
A realm where____________.

"In worship every sign of life and every impulse to holiness, every bit of beauty, and every spark of vitality-Hebrew patriarchs, Christian apostles, wild animals, domesticated livestock, human beings,
ing birds- are arranged around this throne center that pulses light, showing each at its best, picking up all the colors of the
spectrum in order to show off all the glories."
-Eugene Peterson

Why doesn't life have the same peace that the throne room does?
We tend to put up our ______________,
Instead of focusing on the _________.

"Without worship we live manipulated or manipulating lives.We move in either frightened panic or deluded lethargy as we are, in turn, alarmed by spectras or soothed by placebos._EdmundClowney

Worship is an ___________to the living God who rules, speaks, and reveals, creates, and redeems, orders, and blesses.

"To the human eye, the world appears little changed; the kingdom of Satan is unshaken. Yet the Kingdom of God has come among
men; and those who receive it will be prepared to enter into theKingdom of Glory when Christ comes to finish the good work He has already begun.-George Ladd


Each week we take time to worship through the giving of God's tithe and our offerings.Thank you for your faithfulness! "We value generosity, and being good managers of all God has entrusted to us."

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