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We all have a tendency to be GRACE oriented or TRUTH oriented.
I think the Christian life can best be summarized by living with a TRUTH & GRACE balance.
It is often easy to notice and point out that we live in a truth starved world.

The truth starved world that we quickly notice and point out is also a grace starved world.
Living with a balance of Grace and Truth is the most powerful way to live the Christian life
When we choose to be truth oriented we end up with self-righteousness and pride.
When we choose to be grace oriented we end up with moral indifference and comfort.

Grace or truth - choosing one in the absence of the other is toxic.
Jesus lived as the expression of grace and truth and prayed for us to be the expression of grace and truth.
We need truth. We need grace. We need Jesus.

The balance of Grace and Truth means that we don't dumb down truth and we don't dial back graced.

Grace and Truth balance reflects maturity.
"Grace combined with Truth, consistently applied, leads people to growth." (Mark Persall)
A gospel-shaped combination of acceptance and confrontation is the reality we all need to embrace.
Only through an intimate relationship with Jesus, can we grow in the same truth and grace that walked among us.