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Unrestrained: These Are They - The I Am: Pastor Jason McKinnies | March 20th, 2022
2 Peter 2:2-4 speaks about people who live unrestrained in the ways of the world. Our restraint to the things of the world is to live unrestrained for the Glory of God. We also should be in unrestrained Pursuit of Him.
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1. Why 10?

The number 10 is a significant number in biblical numerology and typology.

10 represents the fullness of quantity.

The 10 plagues mean the Egyptians were completely plagued and completely defeated.
2. Who Is the Lord?

Pharaoh learned who the Lord was and why He should obey His voice.
Here are the 10 Steps...

1. The Water Turned Into Blood - Exodus 7:14-25

Hapi = The god of the Nile
Knum = Guardian of the river's source
Osiris = Nile was his bloodstream

2. The Frogs - Exodus 8:1-15

Heket = The Egyptian goddess for fertility, water and renewal, had the head of a frog

3. The Lice - Exodus 8:16-19

Seb (Geb) = The god over the dust of the earth

4. The Flies - Exodus 8:20-32

Khepri (Uatchit) = the fly god of Egypt

5. The Death of Cattle and Livestock - Exodus 9:1-7

Hathor = the Egyptian goddess of love and protection, usually depicted with the head of a cow

6. The Boils and Sores - Exodus 9:8-12

Sekhmet = Egyptian goddess of epidemics
Serapis and Imhotep = Egyptian gods of healing

7. The Hail - Exodus 9:13-21

Nut = Egyptian sky goddess
Isis and Seth = Egyptian agriculture deities
Shu = Egyptian god of the atmosphere

8. The Locusts - Exodus 10:3-20

Seth or Serapia = the deity that protects them from the locusts was the god of the storms and disaster

9. Three Days of Complete Darkness - Exodus 10:21-29

Ra = the sun god
Thoth = the moon god

10. The Passover (Death Angel) - Exodus 11; Exodus 12:29-36; Exodus 13

This was a judgment against all the gods of Egypt including Pharaoh.

3. The Lamb of Protection

Exodus 12:21-28

The Blood of the Lamb has the power to save, keep and protect.

1 Peter 1:18
The Seven "I Am's"

1. I am the bread of life.

2. I am the light of the world.

3. I am the door of the sheep.

4. I am the resurrection and the life.

5. I am the good shepherd.

6. I am the way, the truth and the life.

7. I am the true vine.