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StoneBridge Community Church
Fulfilled: Living the Beatitude Life
Pastor Mickey Fenn
Locations & Times
  • StoneBridge Community Church
    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Sunday 5:01 PM

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Sermon Series: Fulfilled

In Matthew 5:17, Jesus makes clear that he came not to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus teaches his disciples what a "fulfilled" life looks like in practice. In this sermon series, we will be looking at key teachings from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, seeking to understand how Jesus' words apply to our lives today.

The Text in Context

"Perhaps it would be helpful at the beginning to deal briefly with this word 'blessed.' There is a desire today to translate the word with 'happy.' But that does not seem to capture all that is..." Click this link to read more.

1. The Beatitudes provide a road map for kingdom living, in this world.
A. What are the characteristics, attitudes, and attributes of the blessings and how do they relate to our daily life?
2. How do we live as light in the darkness of troubled times?
A. We are a royal priesthood.
B. We are the light of Christ.
C. Intentional living.
3. We are the light of the world, called to live it out loud.
A. The Lord's message to the Israelites through Isaiah affirms our call.
Prayerfully consider how you can live out the Beatitudes...
- Are you fully embracing your need for God?
Pray for any roadblocks to be removed and, in humility, seek God’s will.
- Where you can be an agent of peace, compassion and healing?
- Begin each morning this week in prayer, asking for your heart to be fully God’s, in all you think, say and do, and for the Spirit to reveal who needs to hear from you today.
1. What resonates with you in the Beatitudes? As you consider the characteristics of the ones who are blessed, can you see yourself in the description? Are there roadblocks in your life that are preventing you from fully relying on God; from giving and /or receiving compassion? If so, are you willing to share what they might be? How do you view the concept of God’s righteousness vs. human justice? (See Proverbs 3:5-6)

2. Read the passage from Isaiah 58: 1-12, (above) In this season of Lent, with fasting and prayer, how are God’s people called to fast? Is it different than our current understanding? God’s promise of being well-watered gardens makes us visible and identifiable as the children of God. As we think of Beatitude living, how might "Beatitude" behavior attract others to follow Jesus? What does blessed to be a blessing mean to you?

3. As you consider living the Beatitude life, where do you see opportunities in your own life to exemplify the characteristics of the blessed? Describe some of the areas of your life where you have influence. How easy or hard would it be to be the light of Christ in these areas? Is there someone who needs comfort in their mourning? Is it you? Is there someone in your life or out in the world that needs compassion and prayer to go from a “Saul” to a “Paul?” Would people in your sphere of influence consider you a peacemaker? What changes would you make in your life to live out the Beatitudes?

Taking a deeper dive into the message series, StoneBridge Extras helps deepen our discipleship and deepen our understanding of the Bible. StoneBridge Extras will be released within the StoneBridge podcast on Mondays.

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