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Recap (Go ahead and Turn to James Ch. 2)
As we build up to Easter, we are currently going through the book of James. This is a general letter written to the Jewish Christians around 50 AD. It’s most likely the oldest manuscript from the NT and we see James (Jesus 1/2 brother) reminding us of the imperatives of a life of faith. He is encouraging those who believe in Jesus to align their behaviors with their beliefs.

-Briefly, we have touched on Faith and Endurance seeing that We should view trials in our lives as a means of growth , praying for wisdom to resist temptation during difficult circumstances.

-We also looked at Listening and Doing and see the word tells us that As Christians, it is important that we do more than just listen to and study the Bible, we have to apply its words to our lives.

-And lastly we read James warning against prejudice and we see that We shouldn’t discriminate against anyone based on their outward appearances or circumstances, but instead show love to all people.
Again, this is a lot to remember even for the best of studious Christ followers. That is why we have notes… so we can go back and dwell on a Holy Spirit download moment.

1. The Word tells us that a redeemed life is a transformed life, and the fruit of that transformation is the fruit of the spirit in operation .

2. Faith and Action work together. What you do makes a difference.

3. Living with Selfish ambition goes against all God stands for.

4. God’s Wisdom provokes action.

1. Faith without a change in outward behavior , is useless.

2. A person’s words can make or break them. Christians, with God’s help, should learn to control their mouth.

3. Earthly wisdom is centered on selfishness , but true godly wisdom focuses on others .