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Dan DeRoche | Revelation 3:1-6
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    1000 E Riverview Expy, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494, USA
    Sunday 8:45 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM

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The Reputation of Sardis
1. Invincible
2. Wealthy

This church had a reputation for being spiritually vibrant, but that wasn’t true. They were spiritually dead in the eyes of King Jesus.
The church of Sardis stopped saying: “God what would You have us do here?”
Diagnosing Self-Deception
1. Have the clear things the Bible says about God become fuzzy?
2. Are you willing to stand for Jesus even if you are the only one standing?
One of the most genuine signs of spiritual life is our willingness to be among the few.
Solution To Self-Deception
1. Be alert – Wake up
Are you able to do an honest, humble, evaluation of where you really are with God?
2. Strengthen what remains
When we follow Jesus, He must become Lord of our lives.
3. Remember, Keep, and Turn
“Without a knowledge of God there is no knowledge of self, and without a knowledge of self, there is no knowledge of God.” - John Calvin
Three practices that Jesus gave us in this letter:
1. Be alert – Wake up
2. Strengthen what remains
3. Remember, Keep, and Turn

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