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Revelation - Message 2
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Letter to Ephesus
// Pastor Brad Fink

I. Understanding John’s use of ____________

1. __________________ Approach
2. __________________ Approach
3. The Approach we will take to Revelation is
called the ___________ - ____________

II. Letter to the Church of Ephesus
A. The church at Ephesus was doing a lot of
things __________!
B. What they did wrong: they stopped __________ God & _________ one another as they once had.
C. We can never abandon ____ ___________ or _______. These are two things we must always have.
Suggested Reading for additional study in the Revelation
Listed in the order of recommendation

Great Books
- Dan Boone, Answers for Chicken Little
-Darrell Johnson, Discipleship On The Edge ‘An expository journey through the book of Revelation’
-Eugene Peterson, Reversed Thunder
H. Ray Dunning, The Second Coming - A Wesleyan Approach to the doctrine of the last things

Craig Koester, Revelation and the End of All Things

Talk it Over - Sermon Discussion
Looking back at your notes from this Sunday, talk about what stood out to you in the message. Was there something especially helpful, challenging, convicting, or hard to grasp? In your past church experience, what has been more important: right doctrine (correct understanding of the Bible) or love? What are the potential dangers in getting rid of either?

Additional Scripture & Next Steps

Read Acts 19:8-40.
What is happening in this passage?
Talk about the kind of culture the Ephesian church was surrounded by and how our culture is similar or different.

Read Acts 20:16-32.
What is happening in this passage? How might the strength of the Ephesian church (their focus on right doctrine) be the root cause of why Jesus had to correct them? This church was busy in ministry, steady in adversity, solid in theology.
Why was repentance necessary?

Have there been times your love for God and others has wained? What has helped you keep your love for God and others alive and fresh?

What can you do this week to show your love for someone in our church?


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