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Family Worship Center - Raton, NM

Labor's Reward

Labor's Reward

This morning we are going to be looking at the counterintuitive work that Jesus has called us to and the reward that comes from it.

Locations & Times

Family Worship Center

219 Kearney Ave, Raton, NM 87740, USA

Sunday 10:00 AM

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We all love to see the fruits of our labor. By now we have probably learned that our work usually dictates the results or rewards we get from it. If we apply our efforts to the wrong things, we might be missing out on the reward that we think we are working towards.
This morning, we are going to see what a familiar bible story tells us about the work we are called to and the reward that comes from it.
When the people receive a miraculous meal they say that Jesus must be the prophet they have been looking for: the messiah. Jesus is forced to sneak away rather than be made king by the amazed crowd.
Don't be fooled by the perishable
It is easy for perishable things to distract us from the eternal things that have a much greater value.
Be careful what you work for
Watch out that you don't make your faith about good works done to receive a blessing. Jesus has done an amazing work for us, our only work to receive the benefit from it is to believe in Him.
If we get distracted by the blessings of Jesus, we might actually miss Jesus entirely!
What if the work Jesus really desires from you is to believe in Him and take your focus off the things that fade away?


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