LaPorte United Methodist Church
"When We Encounter Jesus: On His Terms" - Worship Service 02/27/2022
Join us at 11am online or in person as Reverend William Baker concludes his sermon series entitled "When We Encounter Jesus." As a reminder, masks are mandatory and social distancing is encouraged for those attending in person.
Locations & Times
  • LaPorte United Methodist Church
    2071 Grafton Rd, Elyria, OH 44035, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
We end our sermon series “When We Encounter Jesus” with the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead. On first glance, the narrative reads as if Jesus missed the mark. Why did he hesitate leaving for Bethany to help Lazarus? Why was he glad that he was not present when Lazarus died? Why? The reality is that we often see or experience things and expect them to be understood or resolved in a manner we can or do understand or expect. However, the scriptures always reveal lessons for us and an important one in this reading is that things happen in God’s time and does so for a purpose that usually benefits us!
Lenten Events
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner - March 1st from 5:30pm-6:30pm
Ash Wednesday Service - March 2nd at 7pm
Lenten Bible Study
Beginning March 9th at 9:30am or 7pm, Rev. William Baker will lead a Lenten Bible study titled “Learning to Lament with God’s Word: A Study of Psalms”
During Lent this year we are going to learn to lament, to cry and complain, with God’s Word. Yes, God teaches us how to cry and complain to him when we’re in trouble, when we need him, or even when God in a sense, seems to be the Trouble Maker. In this time of stress and worry it is easy to become worn out. In this study we will be learning how to “appropriately” belly ache to God! In the third year of this pandemic We need to focus on the Lord, complain to him, and seek his guidance in troubled times. Lamenting is part of a process that draws us closer to God. So, let us gather together and do some belly aching!

Week 1: “Learning to Lament with God’s Word: Psalm 3”
Week 2: “Learning to Lament with God’s Word: Psalm 6”
Week 3: “Learning to Lament with God’s Word: Psalm 42 and 43”
Week 4: “Learning to Lament with God’s Word: Psalm 73”
Week 5: “Learning to Lament with God’s Word: Psalm 88”
Week 6 “Holy Week”: “Learning to Lament with God’s Word: Psalm 22 and 130”
- We do not set or make the terms of God's interactions with us - he does
- God's timing is always perfect
- Love is very involved in Jesus' timing
- Jesus says because he delayed and Lazarus died, it would benefit the disciples' belief in him
- God's terms and his timing revolve around him revealing our need for him

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