CrossWay Church
February 27, 2022 - 2 John 1-13
These are the Bible passage and sermon notes for our Sunday morning worship services.
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2 John: Truth and Love

I) The Epistle (Letter) Background

A) The sender: The ______________ - John.

B) The Recipient: The ___________________ - A church.

C) The purpose: Deal with itinerant ____________ teachers.

D) John cares about them and hopes to ____________ soon.

II) John's advice

A) ___________________ what God has done for you in Christ!

1) Grace: The _____________ favor of God.

2) Mercy: In Christ, we don’t get the ___________________ we deserve for our sins.

3) Peace: In Christ, we get a ______________ relationship with God.

4) This is ______________ in God’s love and truth.

B) _____________ each other well.

1) ____________ taught this too!

2) Love is walking in the truth and obeying _______ commands.

John Stott: Our love grows soft if it is not strengthened by truth, and our truth hard if it is not softened by love.

C) Hold onto the ___________ and don’t let the false teachers walk over you.

1) Some who claim to ____________ Christ are actually false teachers.

Blaise Pascal: Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.

2) They will deny Christ’s __________________.

3) We don’t have the gospel without it because Christ’s humanity ensures Christ is our perfect ______________.

4) It also negates Christ’s _______________ from the dead and the proof that he conquered sin and death.
5) We should not welcome these false teachers into our _____________.

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