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Faith Over Fear
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Faith Over Fear
// Pastor Brad Fink

·In the beginning the break with God and man happened around the issue of _____________ and ________________.
·Romans were the _________ _____________.
If you want to know what impresses God it is _________ ________________!
Why does it matter?
Without faith it is ____________ ___ _________ ________.
Two things we must do to have the kind of faith God is looking for.
·Believe that God _______________
·Believe that he _____________ those who _____________ ________ _______.

Talk it Over - Sermon Discussion
Looking back at your notes from this Sunday, talk about what stood out to you in the message.
-Was there something that was especially helpful, challenging, convicting, or hard to grasp?
-What have been the most faith-building events/relationships in your life? ---How have these things affected your confidence in God?
-Has there ever been a time in your life when your confidence in God—your faith—hit a really low point? If so, describe the events surrounding your loss of faith, as well as what happened that helped you regain it.

Scripture & Next Steps
·Read Hebrews 11 and talk as a group about the kind of faith the men and women of this chapter lived out.

·If Biblical faith is "trusting God enough to do what He says." Can you think of any examples in your life of when you trusted God enough to do what He said, even if it was hard at the time? What was the outcome?
·Sermons come in all shapes and sizes. But if you listen closely, you’ll hear God saying the same thing in most of them—trust me. The most important thing that God is asking you to do is to trust him. When things are going well, it doesn’t require a lot of faith to trust God. But when life turns messy, is your faith leading you to depend on God, or do you put your trust in something else?

Take time to pray for one another and ask God to help us trust God enough to do what He asks us to do.


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