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First Baptist Church on the Square

All In - Surrender Not Defeat

All In - Surrender Not Defeat

Surrender carries such a negative understanding today. It is admitting defeat. Yet when we consider the teachings of Jesus we are reminded that He sees things from a different perspective than we do. In this message, Pastor Cody Turner teaches us to consider together how surrender isn't defeat, but rather an invitation to the fullness of life that only comes after we surrender.

Locations & Times

First Baptist Church on the Square Sanctuary

100 Broad St, LaGrange, GA 30240, USA

Sunday 8:45 AM

The Truth is easy to GET and also easy to FORGET.
A neutral response to Jesus indicates a bad perception of Jesus.
Surrender boldly relinquishes all control.
Stuff does not equal happiness.
Jesus isn't against stuff, but he cares how we hold things.
It is impossible to save ourselves. (Verse 26-27)
We can't surrender with a concealed weapon.

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