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Daniel Week Three
Some of us are familiar with the Old Testament book of Daniel.  We know the stories from our childhood like the "Lion's Den" and the fiery furnace. But what we are about to find out in January and February 2022 is that the Book of Daniel is so much more.  It is a book about faithfulness to God in a culture that isn't. It's the story of God's people Israel as they live through exile. It contains stories and lessons that help us explore how to live life as a minority culture, fighting to maintain faithfulness to God despite opposition and assimilation. It's a book of great HOPE.  Daniel is More than a Lion's Den.
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Grace Group Questions
Daniel Week 3: Bold Faith

1. Have you ever been in a situation where calling on God to move was your only choice? If people are comfortable, have one or two group members share their story of how God answered.

2. Read Daniel 2:4-13. Put yourself in Daniel’s shoes, if placed in this situation what would be your response? (examples, stage an assassination plot, run for my life, curl up and cry).

3. Read Daniel 2:17-18. We see here that Daniel invited his group of trusted friends to join him in prayer for God to move. When you are faced with difficulties, is it hard for you to share them with trusted Christian friends to join in prayer, why or why not? Daniel had faith in God’s faithfulness, even in this life and death situation. Why is his response so much harder than our other choices (remember our answers to question 2)?

4. In Daniel 2:26-49 we read about Nebuccanezzer’s dream and the interpretation. To summarize, other Empires will come and go, but God will raise up a Kingdom that will destroy them all, this Kingdom will grow slowly, but will fill the earth and remain eternally. How does this dream give YOU hope as you think about our current Exile?

5. Daniel shows us BOLD faith in God’s faithfulness in three ways. The first is that Daniel believed God had him in his current situation for a purpose. Do you believe God has you in this time and place for a certain reason? Why or why not?

6. Daniel also shows us faith by crying out to God to move in power - it’s his first reaction! Daniel had a desperate need, resilient faith, and a powerful God. He said “Let’s see what my God can do!” Where do you have a desperate need today? Is your faith resilient? Pray together with BOLD faith in a powerful God!

7. Daniel’s faith is our model because he took the time to understand his culture, served the place God placed him and its welfare (Jer. 29ff), while still proclaiming the power of God. Are you willing and able to learn about our mission field so that you can serve it? What struggles or conflicts does that idea cause inside of you? Are you willing to proclaim the power of God in your context, to your family and friends so that you can see them turn to God? Why or why not?