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Sunday Morning Service
Sunday Morning Service
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    3298 Richey Rd, Mt Pleasant, PA 15666, USA
    Sunday 9:45 AM
I John 3:16-24
Reassuring A Doubtful Heart

1. We fail. Our heart condemns us (v. 20). Failure leads to doubt. Are you a doubter?
2. In I John 3:16-24 How does God reassure the doubting heart? He does this by exposing what
is true: By this we know (v. 19, 23) (know by experience)
3. God reassures our doubtful, condemning heart in 4 ways.

How does God reassure the doubtful heart? He does this in 4 ways.
And by this we know that we are of the truth. Love (agape…God given, self-sacrificing love)
for the brethren.
A.Compassion 17
Christianity is a love relationship.
1.There are four basic words for love in the Greek. Eros is physical, sensual love. Phileo is brother love. Starga is family love. Agapeo is love flowing from God. God is love.
2.As a part of God’s family…we love: How dwells the love of God in him. Love expresses itself in action: There must be a genuine need. You must see it. It is the church being the church. You have of this world’s goods. The wherewithal is there to meet the need. Shutteth up…You shut the door on what you see.
B.Commitment 18
My little children…It is possible for any of us!
1.Love not in word only, neither in tongue only. To merely talk about the need or “I’ll pray about it.” is not enough.
2.Love in deed and truth (without hypocrisy). It’s easy to be a phony or have ulterior motives.
C.Confidence 19
An by this we know we are of the truth. (We are a New Creation/Indwelt by the Holy Spirit)
1.There is evidence that God has done a work in us.
2.We know…there is evidence!
3.And shall assure our hearts. Doubt arises…allow the love of God, which He gave to every child, to flow through you. Meet the needs of others. It is easy to get wrapped up in our world. Selfish Christians will lack assurance. Open your eyes…Get close enough to see. Get Involved! Get close enough to cost you something. Get close enough to do something.
4.As you give out of a heart of love God will assure your condemning heart!

How does God reassure the doubtful heart? He does this in 4 ways.
Your relationship to others affects your relationship to God.
A.The Greatness of God 20
Suppose we fail. He won’t fail us. You can depend on Him.
1.Even if you don’t have assurance (boldness, confidence) just keep going to Him!
2.A condemning heart (accusing conscience) robs our peace. More than one Christian has accused himself or herself falsely. Where did you get that thought? We can be harder on ourselves…beat yourself up! Our conscience can be and often is wrong!!
3.God knows all things. He knows you. He knows your heart. Say your outward actions don’t measure up to your profession. God knows our heart. He knows whether you want to live for Him or not.
4.Reassurance is 2 fold:
*The worst that is in us is known by God. He still cares for us. He loves us and desires our fellowship.
*Our ‘discovery’ has been known by Him all along. He reads everything. He sees our heart!
B. The Grace of God 21
1. If our hearts condemn us not (Inward)
*This is not sinless perfection.
*It is a heart attitude that as far as we know there is no unconfessed sin.
*There is nothing between my soul and the Savior. I am right with God and others.
2. Then have we confidence toward God (Upward)
*A life that is pleasing to God gives us confidence/assurance.
*Before is our communion with God is free…open… ‘face to face’. That’s where
confidence counts…He knows my heart!

How does God reassure the doubtful heart? He does this in 4 ways.
A.The Request
1.Access, Confidence, Answered Prayer Whatever we keep asking for day after day we receive from Him.
2.This is not merely subjective: clear conscience. It is objective: keep His commandments. Do those things that are pleasing to Him.
B.The Receiving
We receive from Him
1.Are your prayers being answered? If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me. Is there known sin in your life?
2.Is there anything between you and another?
3.Are you doing what God wants you to do? A Christian who lives to please the Father, the Father will bless that child!
C.The Reasons
1.In Acts 4 persecution broke out. They did not pray for the persecution to stop…Lord Thou are God.
2.We are not sure our heavenly Father is God…that He really does run the universe.
He is in control, but He is not responsible for evil.
3.It is nearly blasphemy to say that God did not answer my prayers. In (Rom 8:26) We don’t know how to pray as we ought. The Holy Spirit makes intercession on our behalf…He prays the mind that the will of the Father.
4.As God answers prayer assurance comes alive!

How does God reassure the doubtful heart? He does this in 4 ways.
A.The Requirements 23, 24a
1.To Believe In Christ…on the name of His Son Jesus Christ
*Name is all that He is…His Deity/His Humanity
*His death, burial and resurrection
*The whole tenor of the Christian life should be Christward. We believe on Lord for His sovereignty and control…Jesus for salvation…Christ for the Anointed One, the Messiah and coming King.
*I surrender my life to Him.
2. To Love One Another
*This love has its Source…Continuation and Conclusion in God. He is the Author.
*It is all of grace.
3. To Keep His Commandments 24a
I want to do what God wants me to do.
B.The Relationship 24b
1.We Are In Him and He Is In Us. All is a work of the Holy Spirit.
*To Believe In Christ
*To Love the Brethren
*To Keep His Commandments
2. To Know (by this…the above) He Abides in Us by the Holy Spirit
*All is a gift of the Holy Spirit.
*We are indwelt by the Holy Spirit. He will verify these things and make them real.
*If there is no evidence you could have false assurance.

How does God reassure the doubting heart?

Actions from God: Love in Word and Deed.
Assessment by God: God knows your heart.
Answers from God: Clean Conscience…Keep His Commandments…Do what pleases Him.
Abiding In God: Believe in His name…Love the Brethren…Obey His Commandments.
The Holy Spirit Is Working Within.

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