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Daniel Week Two
Some of us are familiar with the Old Testament book of Daniel.  We know the stories from our childhood like the "Lion's Den" and the fiery furnace. But what we are about to find out in January and February 2022 is that the Book of Daniel is so much more.  It is a book about faithfulness to God in a culture that isn't. It's the story of God's people Israel as they live through exile. It contains stories and lessons that help us explore how to live life as a minority culture, fighting to maintain faithfulness to God despite opposition and assimilation. It's a book of great HOPE.  Daniel is More than a Lion's Den.
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    Thursday 9:00 AM, Thursday 10:45 AM
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    Thursday 10:45 AM

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Grace Group Questions
Daniel Week 2: Compromise

1. Icebreaker: How does everyone feel about winter? Snow? What are your favorite winter activities (waiting for Spring doesn’t count)?

2. Pastor Dan shared his experience in the Police Academy and how it actively changed his identity, values, language, culture, etc., forming him into a new person. Have there been any groups (other than the church) or experiences you have had where your attitude, values, practices have been actively or passively shaped by being a part of it? How do you think our culture passively shapes us?

3. We read in Daniel 1:1-2 about how God “delivered” Israel into the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians. Why would God allow Israel to be given over to another kingdom and have their city exiled and besieged?

4. Daniel 1:8 gives us a glimpse into the character of Daniel when he chooses not to eat the food and drink from the King’s table. What does this action say about Daniel's example about walking in “The Way of the Exile.”

5. Notice that even in not wanting to eat food that wasn’t allowed by the Mosaic law that Daniel is respectful in sharing his issue with the chief official. How do you handle situations and circumstances that you disagree with? Does it match up with the model we have in Daniel’s response?

6. Read Daniel 1:3-7, here we see the “formation program” the Babylonians put Daniel and his friends through; it involved; Isolation, reprogramming through immersion, and changing their identification. Can you identify them in these scriptures? How do you believe our “cultural Babylon” attempts to form us in each of these ways?

7. The Way of the Exile must be rooted in the Words, Works, and Ways of Jesus. Pastor Dan shared that our counter-formation in Christ also involves Identification (we are a New Creation, and have a New Identity), Combatting Isolation through community (Jesus lived in biblical community so must we) Immersion (in his Word - the scriptures, imitating the works - Habits of Jesus). Which of these are you thriving, which of these is God asking you to grow in? How can your Grace Group support and pray for you?