Can I Trust the Bible? | the Bible :: YouVersion Event
MPCC 5th-8th Grade Student Ministry
Can I Trust the Bible? | the Bible
This week we’re addressing some questions and objections to whether or not the Bible can be trusted.
Locations & Times
  • MPCC 5678 YouTube Channel
    Thursday 9:45 AM
  • MPCC Student Ministries Center
    407 N Bluff Rd, Greenwood, IN 46142, USA
    Thursday 9:45 AM


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Room for Doubt site

Room For Doubt (R4D) provides a wide variety of resources to help youth and adults who have sincere questions and doubts about the Christian faith. It seeks to encourage questions, address doubts, and strengthen faith.

Room for Doubt app

A convenient resource to help anyone with questions and doubts about the Christian faith. You can quickly search topics, watch videos, read articles, and easily share with others.  Take it wherever you go and use it in your conversations.

CORE 52 - Student Edition

A Fifteen-Minute Daily Guide to Build Your Bible IQ in a Year.You want to know the Bible better because you know the Bible will make you better. But you’re not sure where to start? Core52 is your guide through the maze of a very big book. This daily guide will help you build your Bible IQ.Welcome to the fast-track of biblical training.

QUEST 52 - Student Edition

A 15-minute-a-day yearlong pursuit of Jesus!
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