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Calvary Baptist Church
And So it Begins
Sunday Worship Service
Locations & Times
  • Calvary Baptist Church of Evart
    636 N Oak St, Evart, MI 49631, USA
    Sunday 10:30 AM

Connect Card

Tell us about yourself or leave a prayer request...
#1 – Passing the baton through the experience of _____________ – v. 21-22
…An ____________ candidate
…An overlooked ____________
…A ___________ from heaven
#2 – ____________ that track back all the way to the ___________ – v. 23-38
How Does What Happened Then Affect What is Happening in You?

1] Jesus came with one _____________ in mind. His baptism at the start alluded to his death, burial, and resurrection at the ________. He always had sinful people like us in mind. How have you responded to what Jesus did for you?
2] ___________ really does open the heavens and give us access to the presence of God. How could you make it more of a priority this week?
3] The facts announced at the Jordan _________ Jesus…are true of every believer ___ Jesus: You are God’s _________. The Holy Spirit is in you. You are _________ and accepted by your Heavenly Father. How would believing those facts change the way you ______________ life this week?