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StoneBridge Community Church
Jesus and Moses: Forty Days and Forty Nights
Senior Pastor Jon Saur
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  • StoneBridge Community Church
    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Sunday 5:01 PM

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Jesus and Moses

In this January series, StoneBridge will be exploring the similarities between Jesus and Moses in the Gospel of Matthew. Matthew goes out of his way to show how Jesus is similar to Moses and how Moses was similar to Jesus. These similarities help inform our understanding of God and God's character.

The Text in Context

"... in the words of Satan there were some clues that this was a malicious temptation. First, the offer was coming from the one who is the prince of liars... Never would Satan have given (Jesus) the kingdoms; that was simply the bait for him to bow before the evil one. Unfortunately, far too many people have believed the evil tempter. Adam and Eve surely did..." Read more by clicking this link.
Sermon Outline

I. Jesus and Moses in the desert
A. Jesus is tempted after fasting forty days and forty nights.
B. Mark and Luke don't include "and forty nights."
C. Moses is on Sinai for forty days and forty nights.
D. Exodus is in the background of Jesus temptation.
E. Jesus' temptations reflect temptations of Israel.
E. Jesus accomplishes what Moses and Israel didn't.

II. First Temptation
A. Tempted by hunger.
B. Exodus 16:2-8.
C. Tempting to trust something other than God.

III. Second Temptation
A. Tempted to put God to the test.
B. Exodus 17:1-3
C. Don't put God in a position to have to perform a miracle.
D. Be responsible.

IV. Third Temptation
A. Tempted by idolatry.
B. Exodus 32.
C. Power and control.

V. Temptation in our lives
A. Can we overcome it? (Don't think of an elephant)
B. Could Moses overcome it?
C. No.
D. Whole point of the story is that only Jesus can overcome it.

VI. Jesus has overcome temptation.
A. Moses on top of the mountain.
B. Jesus on top of the mountain. (Matthew 28:16-20)
C. Word of God points us to Jesus, who has already overcome temptations.
Forty Days and Forty Nights

This phrase ties Jesus and Moses together in the Gospel of Matthew, as Mark and Luke leave out "and forty nights." In Exodus 24:18, though, Moses is described as being on the mountain "Forty days and forty nights."
Israel's Temptations in the Desert

In Exodus, Israel experiences the same temptations that Jesus experienced in the desert. Below are the Exodus passages pointing to those temptations. (Except for the third temptation - that is the entire chapter of Exodus 32 and is too long to post here.)
Dale Allison Quote

According to New Testament Scholar Dale Allison, "What Jesus gains from God the Father in Matt. 28:16-20, he earlier in 4:8-10, refused to accept from the tempter." Jesus is offered what Moses never achieved, but refused it. But in Matthew 28:16-20, Jesus, on a mountain, receives what he refused and what Moses never attained.

1. What temptations do you experience in life?

2. How do you respond to these temptations?

3. Do you deal with any of the temptations that Israel faced in the desert, or that Jesus faced in the desert?

4. Why is it significant that Jesus overcame these temptations?

5. What about Jesus' temptation story encourages you as you face temptations?

1. Choose one of the three temptations Jesus faced in the desert that you identify with the most.

2. Think of three times you have given in to this temptation.

3. Lift all three of those instances up to God in prayer, asking that God would redeem those times that you gave into temptation.

4. Look closely at Jesus' response to Satan in that temptation.

5. Pray that Jesus' response would become your response in the future.

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