Centreville Presbyterian Church
Spirit • Soul • Body: Pneuma | Jan 9, 2022
Whether you love New Year resolutions or skip 'em, we all have hopes and dreams for the days to come. For three weeks we will look at three areas of our life that the Bible says are foundational, and what can happen when you build your dreams for yourself and others around these things. Join us this Sunday with Pastor Aaron McMillan.
Locations & Times
  • Centreville Presbyterian Church
    15450 Lee Hwy., Centreville, VA 20120, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:30 AM
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Spirit = Pneuma
Soul = Psyche
Body = Soma
Spiritual Hunger doesn't begin with us being better, but us being awake.
Spiritual Habits... get some.
-Silence & Sabbath
-We need it Daily
-We need it weekly

Spiritual Health... you know it not because you no longer stumble, but because Spiritual habits and spiritual hunger begin to come more easily. You are living life with God. Most of all you can no longer separate your Psyche life and your Soma life from your Pneuma life.