LaPorte United Methodist Church
"The Gifts We Bring the King: Ever-green Christians" - 12/26/2021 Worship Service
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Locations & Times
  • LaPorte United Methodist Church
    2071 Grafton Rd, Elyria, OH 44035, USA
    Sunday 11:00 AM
Everyone, if you are able, please bring an evergreen branch to worship this
Sunday morning.
The evergreen is a useful symbol for the Christian life. Today we discuss how we can remain "ever green" and fruitful as people of faith.
During enjoyable holiday periods, most of us are like the fresh cut evergreen. The sweet aroma of our lives is readily lavished on everyone. After these periods of celebration, however, we are faced once again with the mundane round of events in life. This can rob us of our reverie, our joy, that is often found elevated during the holiday season.
How do we maintain a "greenness" that is fresh, vital, and life-enhancing? How do we live a life that is saturated with and sustained by joy? Jesus gave us a clue when he said, "Abide in me...." If we hope to be fruitful, ever-green Christians, we must learn to remain in Christ hour by hour, day by day.
The message calls us to ponder and consider how fruitful and faithful we are being for Christ. Which spiritual disciplines do we employ to may us abide in Christ more effectively.

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