LaPorte United Methodist Church
"The Gifts We Bring the King: Those Who Came" (Christmas Eve) - 12/24/2021 Worship Service
Join us for on Christmas Eve at 7pm as we celebrate the birth of our Savior!
Locations & Times
  • LaPorte United Methodist Church
    2071 Grafton Rd, Elyria, OH 44035, USA
    Friday 7:00 PM
We come to the story of Christ’s birth because he chose to come to us, for our benefit. When we look back at the facts of the Birth of Christ it is very intriguing to think about the different people that came to see him at his birth. It is also intriguing to think about how we approach our perspective of his birth. This story goes beyond Joseph, Mary, the shepherds that were tending flocks nearby, and eventually the wise men from the east came to find the Messiah, and of course Jesus’s birth was of great concern to King Herod. It is about all of us that have to come to this “story”, "His birth", and experience it through customs and traditions and weigh that against His word and then choose to believe, believe that he is our Savior, our King, Lord, Redeemer. We are included in the numbers of those who came, later of course but we all came.
We all come to the story …… the question is how we choose to leave.

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