Hillside Missionary Church
12/19/21 Worship Gathering
Whether you’re a guest or a long-time attendee we’re glad you’re here with us. We’re a friendly and caring group of Christians who are here to help people be CONNECTED with Jesus, CHANGED by Jesus, and COMMITTED to the mission of Jesus. If you're new with us today, thank for joining us! We truly believe that you’re not here by accident and that God has some amazing plans for your life. If you’d like some information about who we are and how to get plugged in here at Hillside, please fill out the “I’m New” page on our website, hmcworship.com/im-new/
Locations & Times
  • 21567 Ireland Rd, South Bend, IN 46614, USA
    Friday 10:00 PM
In this passage of God’s Word, we see a continuation of what Jesus’ teachings to His disciples. Verses 1-3 (what we talked about the last 3 weeks) contained a parable teaching us that we should be passionate about our faith. Here, in verses 19-31, where Jesus is responding to the Pharisees, we get a look of what it looks like keep our passion for Him.

Stay Passionate for Christ by:
1. Remember, your life on earth is fleeting
Luke 16:22, James 4:13-17, Ps. 39:4-5, 90:10-12, 102:11, 1 John 2:17
2. Remember your place in eternity is permanent
Luke 16:26, Matt. 25:45-46, John 10:27-30
3. Not allowing your heart to become hardened
Luke 16:27-31, Eph. 4:18, Heb. 3:8, Prov. 28:13-14, Jer. 17:9, Ps. 119:9
Reflection Questions

1. Have you ever heard or read this passage before? Did anything stand out to you? What’s something that God taught you this time reading it?
2. What take away from today’s message can you apply to your life to keep your passion for Christ?
3. After hearing and learning about Luke chapter 16 for the past few weeks, rate your passion for your faith. Why did you rate it like that? What needs to improve? Who can keep you accountable to that?
Current Prayer Requests
CHURCH FAMILY NEEDS: Margie Gallay died a few weeks ago; please pray for the family. Patty Ewing’s brother, Harley, also died a few weeks ago; please pray for the Ewings. Also, pray for Jerry Jamrozy. He has been having issues with his back and may have bone cancer.
MISSIONARIES: This month pray for the Bellas.
FAMILY OF THE WEEK: Each week we’ll pray for a different family in our church. This week pray for Barb Beutler.
HILLSIDE HAPPENINGS: Pray that the church would continue to stay unified under Christ. Pray for our livestream and for the people joining us there. Pray that God would use us to bring His Kingdom here.. Pray for our children’s ministry as it is getting built back up. Pray for our Christmas Candlelight service happening on Dec. 23rd.
CURRENT HAPPENINGS: Pray for the current health pandemic in our world and in our country. Pray for medical staff and for our leaders as they navigate how to best help. Pray for students, teachers, administrators, and all other school staff. Pray for the recent destruction due to storms.
In-person: 12/5: 43
Online views: 12/5 (through 12/7/21): 5
Online (11/29/21 to 12/5/21): $140
In-Person (12/5/21): $2439 for general

Total general needed weekly to meet budget: $1480
Open Sorting Hour at the Foster Closet
Want to help out at the foster closet but can’t commit to helping regularly? That’s ok! Every Friday from 12:30-1:30 is an open sorting hour. If you’d like to help during the open sorting hour, please text Tammi Fisher at (216) 526-9974.
We believe that our faith grows best when we surround ourselves with other believers. That’s why we encourage everyone to be a part of one of our groups, where we can intentionally share our lives with one another. There is a Sunday School group meeting on Sunday mornings before Service at 9:30. Our small groups are also in the process of starting for the fall. If you would like to be a part of one, please reach out to Pastor Josh.
Christmas Candlelight Service
Mark your calendar! On Dec. 23rd we will be holding a Christmas Candlelight Service at 6pm. This will be a great event to invite friends to.