Good Shepherd Community Church
Why Christmas, Part 3
Locations & Times
  • Good Shepherd Community Church
    28986 SE Haley Rd, Boring, OR 97009, USA
    Saturday 5:45 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
Big Idea:
Jesus came to fulfill the law, bring salvation and division to all peoples, and receive praise.
1. Jesus brings the fulfillment of the law. (vs. 21-24)
2. Jesus brings salvation to all peoples. (vs. 25-26)
3. Jesus brings division. (vs.33-35)
- Worship Jesus even through pain. (vs. 36
- Worship Jesus throughout all your life. (vs. 37)
- Worship Jesus near the heart of God. (vs. 37)
- Worship Jesus and and give testimony while we wait for His second coming. (vs. 38)