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12/12/21 Message Notes
Message Title: What Child is This? Date: December 12, 2021
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MESSAGE TITLE: What Child is This?

DATE: December 12, 2021
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Our speaker today: Scott Kirksey, Gathering Pastor

What child is this?
Who lay to rest on Mary's lap is sleeping.
Whom angels greet with anthems sweet
While shepherds watch are keeping.
So bring him incense, gold, and myrrh.
Come peasant king to own him.
The King of Kings, salvation brings.
Let loving hearts enthrone him.
This, this is Christ the King
"The One who is love sent his Son of love to be the sacrifice of love so you and I could be rescued by his love and rest in his love forever and ever." --Paul David Tripp
May you jump into the arms of Jesus and may He push you out into the world. May you be healed as you participate in the healing of others. Not because you must but because you may. This is why we were born!
Advent is a time to prepare our hearts and souls to celebrate the extraordinary birth of Jesus that has blessed the world. During our Advent series, Together We Sing, while integrating our year-long theme of Together We Are PCC, we will focus on key Scriptures and known songs of the season that point us toward our Savior, Christ, who brings us Hope, Peace, Love, Joy, Light, and Faith. This week we focus daily on Love and the song, What Child is This?

Monday: Play and reflect on the song What Child is This?

Tuesday: What questions do you have for God about the way He brought His child, Jesus, into this world to save us?

Wednesday: What are these two songs, by Zechariah Luke 1:68-75 and Simeon Luke 2:25-32, saying to you about the child, Jesus? How is John 3:17 similar?

Thursday: Write a Christmas prayer that thanks God for the child, Jesus, who was sent for your salvation.

Friday: Throughout the day use your breath as a reminder that God sent His Son to earth for you. Breathe in and out the word: Emmanuel (God with us).

Saturday: Pray for others in your life to be drawn to the love of Christ and their need for salvation.

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Family Advent Daily Devotional Experience

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Schedule of Advent & Christmas Eve Gatherings

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