Living Your New Life :: YouVersion Event
Hillside Assembly of God
Living Your New Life
Locations & Times
  • Gillett Campus
    5890 WI-22, Gillett, WI 54124, USA
    Domingo 10:00 AM
  • Pound Campus
    2023 Co Rd Q, Pound, WI 54161, USA
    Domingo 10:00 AM
  • Hillside Assembly of God
    Domingo 10:00 AM
What does the new life in Christ look like?
1. We put on the ___
How do I love others like Jesus did?
Begin by recognizing three truths about yourself:
1.) I am a ___ person.
2.) I am a ___ person.
3.) I am a ___ person.
Then make a daily choice to act with:
1.) Compassion.
2.) Kindness.
3.) Humility.
4.) Gentleness.
5.) Patience.
6.) Bearing with each other.
7.) Forgiving one another.
(1.) Forgiveness means I don’t bring up the matter with the person I’ve forgiven.
(2.) Forgiveness means I don’t gossip about it to other people.
(3.) Forgiveness means I don’t remind myself of what has been forgiven.
Make an overall commitment to ___!
The word “rule” means “___.”
The umpire has ___.
Three essentials we need for peace:
1.) We are ___
2.) We need God's ___
3.) We are ___.
God’s Word dwells in us as we…
Hear, read, study, memorize, meditate
God’s Word dwells in us richly as we..
___ others
___ others
When God’s Word dwells in you:
1. You have something worth ___
2. You have something worth ___
Doing everything in the name of Jesus is saying, “___.”
Write down…
1.) One person you will show Christ’s love
2.) One decision you need the peace of Christ to rule
3.) One person you can share God’s Word
4.) One place you will act in the name of Jesus