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Family Advent Devotional - Day 2
We hope you will enjoy this devotional with your family or loved ones as you prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus!
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The purpose of this devotional is to help prepare you fro the celebration of the birth of Jesus. You may do this as your own quiet time, but we would encourage you to gather some family or loved ones to go through it together.
What does this have to do with Christmas? This is the Fall. This is where Adam and Eve first sinned and the whole human experience changed forever. But Christmas is about Peace, Love, and Joy! Not to mention the most amazing gift that God gave us of His son Jesus. Well first, this is exactly WHY the gift of Jesus was needed. We as humans are sinful and we come into this world with a broken relationship with God. What is this brokenness that we experience? Just as you read in the story, we do the same thing as Adam and Eve. We second guess what God has already told us and we forget that what God wants for us is the best thing. So many times we sin by trying to do life by our own ideas and standards of what is right or best for us, when God has already told us.

Jesus is the solution to this broken relationship. And that is the Love, Joy, and Peace of Christmas. This gift that God gave is the solution to the problem we all have. This is hinted at in verse 15. To the Serpent, god says that Eve’s offspring will live at odds with the Serpent. The “he” that is mentioned in the part about his head being crushed is one of the first mentions on the plan that God already had for a solution to this problem. Jesus would come and defeat this death that was brought into the world. Aren't you so glad that God not only solved this problem we all have, but that He was always planning and anticipating to “save” us from our sins?!

As you prepare yourself for Christmas, talk with your loved ones about some areas of your life that you want to work on letting God’s desires win over your own thoughts for what is right and good.

Dan Baker, Family & High School Pastor

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