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The Stories of Jesus - week 4: The Parable of the Tenants
The Stories of Jesus: A Study in the Parables There are over 30 recorded parables Jesus told His followers. These stories help us better understand God’s truth, our calling, and the principles around which followers of Jesus are to base their lives.
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The Parable of the Tenants
Mark 12:1-12
Two questions to consider:

Why did people want Jesus to die?
- and -
Why were people willing to give everything to follow Jesus?
The Gospel of Mark was written to a Gentile audience.

Mark has 16 chapters --
the first 10 cover 3 years of Jesus's ministry
the last 6 cover the final week of Jesus's ministry before His crucifixion

We were meant to linger over these chapters.

Throughout the Old Testament, a fig tree was often used to symbolize the Israelites — God’s chosen people.
What issue does Jesus have with the fig tree?

He sees leaves, but He sees no fruit.

He pronounces judgment on the the tree because it has the appearance of fruitfulness, but there’s no life in it.
Mark 11:15-19
Jesus Cleanses the Temple
The temple had leaves, but there was no fruit.

There was a lot of religious busyness, but there was no prayer.
What kind of fruit does God want?

God doesn't want religious busyness. He wants your heart.
Mark 11:27-33
The Sanhedrin Challenge the Authority of Jesus

The Sanhedrin were the Jewish leaders, consisting of the Pharisees, the Sadducees, and the scribes.
Jesus responds to the challenge of the Sanhedrin by asking the religious leaders if John was speaking the words of God or not.

Never once in their analysis do they ask the question, “What is true?”
Jesus doesn't respect a lack of sincerity.
For Jesus, it’s not an issue of authority; it’s an issue of obedience.

The religious leaders weren’t interested in obeying God; they were interested in getting whatever they want.
Mark 12:13-37
The Sanhedrin Tries to Trap Jesus
“You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in You.”
Augustine of Hippo
Jesus wants people who are honestly searching and seeking the truth.

If you come honestly seeking answers He’s patient with you.

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