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Valley Church

The Wonder of Christmas

The Wonder of Christmas

We look forward to worshipping with you today!

Locations & Times

Valley Church

4343 Fuller Rd, West Des Moines, IA 50265, USA

Sunday 8:00 AM

Sunday 9:30 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM

Welcome to Valley!
We are so glad that you could celebrate with us today.

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What informs us,
forms us.
We want child-like faith.
Not childish faith.

Discussion Questions

• What’s the last jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring thing you remember seeing or experiencing?

• What is the difference between child-like faith and childish faith?

• How is your awe and wonder of God inspiring those around you? How does your awe and wonder appeal to followers of Jesus as well as those who are not yet following Jesus?

• What causes someone to lose their wonder and “grow up"?

• What are you doing to encourage and grow child-like faith in your life?

• Do you have unanswered questions that are keeping you from a deeper relationship with Jesus?

• Read Psalm 107:23-30, 33-38. What "wonderful deeds" did the Lord do for Israel through nature?

• What is one thing you can do today to appreciate the awesomeness of God?

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