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Weekend Worship | November 28
“Ancient and New: Strength to Endure - Glad Tidings" | November 28 | Colossians 1:13-14
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  • Central Christian Church
    2900 N Rock Rd, Wichita, KS 67226, USA
    Sunday 9:30 AM
Cheer up! You are worse than you think!
Cheer up! You are worse than you think! Cheer up! The Gospel is far greater than you can imagine!
1. We are no longer under the authority and control of darkness
Privileges of sons and daughters:

• We have a new identity as sons and daughters and are no longer slaves to sin.

• We no longer must be in bondage to people’s “rules” – our own or others.

• We have freedom in Christ to not live in fear because we are loved by the Father.

• Because we are loved by the Father, we can risk all for Him.

• We are learning to trust our father knowing he is good and is for our good.

• Because God delights in us, we don’t have to earn his approval.

• We have the deposit and power of the HS in us to help us not live out of our old lives.

• We have been adopted into a family and have a place and a people we belong to.
How orphans act out of fear:

• They fear rejection and punishment.

• They get angry or have fits of rage.

• They feel unworthy to be loved.

• They feel they may be abandoned and lose their family.

• They may get anxious fearing the lack of basic needs.

• They can be performance driven – trying to look good, do the right things, and be right.

• They may get rebellious or have a defensive posture.

• It’s hard for them to take risks because they fear failure.

• They may become ungrateful, complaining, or bitter.

• They have a hard time trusting others.
How we act like orphans instead of sons and daughters:

• We feel unworthy to be loved because of horrors in our past, so we despise ourselves and others.

• We get angry because we feel like God has abandoned us when we’re struggling.

• We are not thankful for what we have and feel anxious and hoard thinking our basic needs will be taken away from us and it’s difficult to be generous towards others.

• We rebel when we don’t get what we want and get defensive when others try to lovingly correct us.

• We can’t step out and take any risks because we fear that we will fail and if we fail, we will look bad, and no one will like us.

• We distrust people because we have been deeply hurt by others and don’t feel accepted.
"Adoption is a family idea, conceived in terms of love, and viewing God as father. In adoption, God takes us into His family and fellowship and establishes us as His children and heirs. Closeness, affection, and generosity are at the heart of the relationship. To be right with God the judge is a great thing, but to be loved and cared for by God the father is greater!”

J. I. Packer, Knowing God
So, cheer up! You are worse than you think! And cheer up! The Gospel is far greater than you can imagine!
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