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November 21, 2021
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We are honoring the guidance provided by local, regional, and national authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, we are allowed to gather in person inside our Worship Center. We do so at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. We also live are streaming that service on Facebook and YouTube (Find links below.) While we are physically distant, we are socially and spiritually connecting through the technological platforms available to us!
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Stay Connected with the Northpoint Family. We all ache to gather again. Being separated is tough, but during stressful times, it is even harder not to have face to face fellowship and the strength that comes from physically being together. Even so, we can still connect with each other. One way is to fill out the new confidential NP Care Card (See link below.). Once submitted, the card will be reviewed by the Northpoint Care Team. If you so indicate on the card, someone from the team will contact you.

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Sermon Notes

But God Remembered Noah …
Genesis 8:1-22
Tim East, Northpoint Elder

Overview: When the Bible says that God remembered Noah, we shouldn’t think of that in the same way that we might “remember” an old friend or struggle to recall the name of someone we just saw. God never forgot about Noah. And in fact, it’s impossible for God to forget anything.

When God “remembers” someone who is the object of His grace, this expression in Scripture combines the ideas of faithful love and timely intervention. In the Old Testament, God remembered the children of Israel in Egypt—and acted to deliver them. God remembered Jacob’s wife Rachel—and opened her womb. When God remembers us, He takes action on our behalf, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Noah faces three kinds of trials in Chapter 8: the trial in the storm and flood, the trial of waiting for God’s timing, and the trial of whether or not Noah will remember God when the flood has receded. In all of these, God is faithful to sustain Noah, humanity, and His creation.
1. In times of trial, God remembers us …
- verses 8:1-7
2. In times of waiting, God answers us …
- verses 8:8-12
3. In times of flourishing, Noah thanks God
- verses 8:13-19
4. God remembers His creation
- verses 8:20-22

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