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Kingdom Shaped Life (wk. 6)
For a human being, there is no neutral forming. We are either being formed into the patterns, values, and world views of the world, or we are being shaped by Christ and His Kingdom. What is the shape of your life, do you know how to pursue a Kingdom Shaped Life? In this series of talks, we at PGC will finish our study of the Sermon on the Mount and find out how we can be formed by Christ and His Kingdom.
Locations & Times
  • 799 Airport Rd, Palmyra, PA 17078, USA
    Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
  • Livestream -
    Sunday 10:45 PM
Grace Group Questions
Week 6: The shape of our Asking

1. Do you decorate for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving? When do you take the decorations down before or after New Year’s Day?

2. Pastor Dan shared two “Myths” of Spiritual Formation. Myth 1: Enough Information and knowledge will lead to transformation. Myth 2: No effort Is needed the Holy Spirit will do It all. Are there any other Myth’s you have observed, or believed?

3. Read Matt. 7:7-11, and Luke 11:13. Reflecting on these passages and the sermon, what stands out to you the most from these passages?

4. Pastor Dan said that Kingdom Shaped Lives are marked by Relentless Pursuit. Jesus says, “Keep asking, Keep seeking, Keep knocking.” The question Is how…How Is God Inviting your to pursue him relentlessly? What changes may need to happen In your life to pursue Him?

5. Jesus Invites us to believe In a “how much more” father, who gives good gifts. Share what gift God Is Inviting you to ask for In this season? Pray with relentless pursuit for one another.
The Kingdom Shaped Life is marked by Relentless pursuit of God and His gifts.

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