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A Thanksgiving Message - "Look and See"
Associate Pastor Jonathan Lusche
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  • StoneBridge Community Church
    4832 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Sunday 5:01 PM

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Look and See
Regrets from the past, busy-ness in the present, and insecurities about the future too often drain our spiritual well being and undermine the practice of thanksgiving. This weekend, be uplifted and inspired to celebrate Thanksgiving with enthusiasm.

"That Would Be Enough" - Hamilton

For those of you who haven’t seen the award winning Broadway musical, Hamilton, the following song is sung by Elysa Schuyler, Hamilton’s wife.This song is sung in juxtaposition to a theme developed in another song, titled "(Never Be) Satisfied".
Throughout the show’s depiction of our shared American history, Hamilton is presented to us as being very ambitious. In fact, he’s so ambitious and so prolific that he's is never satisfied. He's never content. He's never at peace.
This song reminds us of Jesus' words, "Look... and see..." in Matthew 6:25-34.

The Text in Context

"It must be noted that Christ says today will have 'trouble.' The fact that Christ calls us not to worry is not based on the fact that believers are exempt from hardship... There will always be some trouble in the day, and some days will have more than others. However, amidst the troubles, God promises to give us..." Read more by clicking this link.
1. Celebrate thankgiving by...
Celebrate thanksgiving by adoring life.

Four Ways The Earth Is Fine-Tuned For Life

The appearance of “fine-tuning” in our universe is rather uncontroversial amongst scientists and cosmologists. Even Paul Davies (who is agnostic when it comes to the notion of a Divine Designer) readily stipulates, “Everyone agrees that the universe looks as if it was designed for life.” The conditions of our universe, solar system and planet are delicately balanced and finely calibrated. The slightest modification of these conditions would be disastrous for life.

Factors Necessary to Sustain Complex Life

Consideration of the facts will require any logical thinker to realize that the earth is unique in its place in the universe. Remember, all these factors must be present for life to exist on earth. Not one can be missing.
2. Celebrate thanksgiving by...
Celebrate thanksgiving by acknowledging God's providence.
"We must now admit to ourselves that the probabilituy of life arising by chance... is the same probability as throwing six in dice five million consecutive times." Sir Fred Hoyle, Astronomer, (1915-2001)
3. Celebrate thanksgiving by...
Celebrate thanksgiving by focusing on God's grace for today.

1. Have you seen Hamilton? What appears to be Hamilton's reason(s) for discontent? How doe's his wife balance his discontent? Prompting us to consider what are the reasons for our own discontent? How does the spiritual discipline of thanksgiving counteract discontent?

2. Have you ever fully considered how complex, finely tuned, and fragile life is? By considering these things, how might these things point us towards God? What might this mean for your own faith?

3. If God the Creator, cared enough to create this finely tuned biosphere called earth and created the finely tuned human body for life, why do we question God's providence for our own lives? How might we overcome our own personal insecurities as they relate to God's providence?

4. Do you tend to focus on the past, the present, or the future? By doing so, how is that a strength? How is that a weakness? Why does Jesus encourage us to focus on today and how might that be a blessing?
During this week leading up to Thanksgiving, stop, look, and listen for even the smallest blessings and give thanks to God!

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