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The Book of Daniel - Arrogance Exposed, Part 1: Arrogance Humbled
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  • Good Shepherd Community Church
    28986 SE Haley Rd, Boring, OR 97009, USA
    Saturday 5:00 PM, Sunday 9:00 AM, Sunday 10:45 AM
Big Idea:
The King of Kings hides and reveals Himself in order to humble the proud and exalt the humble.
1. God is the King of Kings (vs. 1-3)
2. The King of Kings hides himself from the proud (vs. 4-7)
3. The King of Kings reveals himself to the humble
a. Daniel has the spirit of God and is invited by the King to interpret the dream (vs. 8-18)
b. The Spirit of God gives compassion (vs 19)
c. The spirit of God reveals mysteries and interprets the dream (vs. 20-27)
4. The King of Kings humbles the proud (vs. 28-33)
5. The King of Kings exalts the humble (vs. 34-37)