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What we ought to say: James 4:13-17
What does it look like to make plans in your life? Chances are, some plans take no time to think through, but there are some weighty plans that must be thought through thoroughly. In this passage, James teaches us how we are to go about making plans.
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The uncertainty of life - v.14
- God is sovereign over life and death

- God is sovereign over our outcomes
The sin of omission - v. 16-17
Bottom Line: Pursue God’s will in all areas of your life
Questions to Consider
How many times do you think you state plans that you have made (think big and small, e.g. Christmas plans or even lunch plans)? In your life, how many of those plans begin with the phrase or thought, “if the Lord wills.”?

When considering the phrase, “if the Lord wills,” or “Lord willing,” what does that actually mean? What does that look like in everyday life and conversations?

How does verse 17 fit with the rest of this passage? Are we in sin if we don’t add the prefix “If the Lord wills” to every plan, no matter the gravity of the plan? What might this sin of omission look like in our lives?

If we are to consider God’s will, how do we know what his will is for us?