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Darby Creek Church Worship Service for November 7, 2021
Sermon notes for church service at Darby Creek Church on Sunday, November, 2021. Service starts at 10:30a
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  • Darby Creek Church [DCC]
    1145 Amity Rd, Galloway, OH 43119, USA
    Sunday 10:15 AM

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-God So Loved
-Strength of My Life
-Goodness of God
-Follow You Anywhere
Seek My Face [November 7, 2021] Greg Burlile
What Does It Mean to Seek God’s Face?
The Hebrew word for “face” in the Old Testament is often translated “presence.” When we seek the face of God, we are seeking His presence.
Seeking God’s face means desiring to know Him and wanting Him—His presence—more than any other thing He can give us.
Why Do We Need to Seek God’s Face? Isn’t He Always with Us?
** God has made a covenant commitment to be to be with each person who has a personal relationship with Jesus.
Matthew 28:20 ESV
20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”
** God is present everywhere
Psalm 139:7 ESV
Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?
But there is a sense in which God’s presence is not with us always. For this reason, the Bible repeatedly calls us to “seek the Lord . . . seek his presence continually” (Psalm 105:4). God’s manifest, conscious, trusted presence is not our constant experience. There are seasons when we become neglectful of God and give him no thought and do not put trust in him and we find him “unmanifested” — that is, unperceived as great and beautiful and valuable by the eyes of our hearts.

His face — the brightness of his personal character — is hidden behind the curtain of our carnal desires. This condition is always ready to overtake us. That is why we are told to “seek his presence continually.” God calls us to enjoy continual consciousness of his supreme greatness and beauty and worth.
What does seeking the Lord or seeking God's face practically mean?
The heavens are telling the glory of God. So we can seek him through that.
He reveals himself in his word. So we can seek him through that.
He shows himself to us in the evidences of grace in other people. So we can seek him through that.
The seeking is the conscious effort to get through the natural means to God himself — to constantly set our minds toward God in all our experiences, to direct our minds and hearts toward him through the means of his revelation. This is what seeking God means. - John Piper

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