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Paul lovingly but strongly confronts false teaching in the church. Keeping the church from falling into its old trap of trying to work to please God, serving God out of obligation rather than obedience. Reminding them that God initiates salvation … not man. -------------- Do you ever feel like you are shackled and chained to the never-ending pursuit of things that are supposed to be life-giving only to realize they are lifeless and leave you feeling empty in the end? Join us on a journey through the book of Galatians where you will meet Jesus and discover the life-giving reality of the true gospel. The true gospel has the power to break the chains of sin and self-righteousness that lead to death and give life and freedom to those who live by faith in Jesus Christ. Not the kind of freedom that allows us to live however we want, but a freedom that helps us to live the way God wants. In Christ, we have been set free to live free!
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1. Enslaved
2. Obligation vs. Obedience
Legalistic obligation tries to either get something from God or avoid something from God. Gracious obedience sees our actions as honoring God.
Obligation treats actions as duty. We are doing is our religious obligation. Obedience sees actions as lifestyle; it’s the practical result of living for Jesus.
Obligation is driven by a sense of right and wrong. Life feels like a constant stream of moral choices. Obedience cares deeply about moral issues, but is guided by a deeper desire to please God in all things.
Obligation tries to find satisfaction in the actions performed. Obedience finds satisfaction in Christ, and therefore takes action.
Obligation performs actions to clear our conscience. Obedience sees our action as an opportunity to engage God, and deepen our faith.
Obligation sees actions as a way to the goal of pleasing God. Obedience sees actions as the overflow of our life with Christ, with whom the Father is well pleased.
Obligation has great fluctuations of spiritual desire…passionate sometimes, indifference at others. Obedience tends to be accompanied by desires that are steady, deep and lasting.
Obligation is significantly affected by external pressures or calls. We can be “radical” because something in our life seems to demand radical from us. Obedience isn’t as motivated by the call to be radical as much as by the desire for holiness that makes radical seem reasonable to us.
Obligation sees actions as a medicine to be taken to cure or inoculate us from unhealthy things. Obedience sees actions as food for the strengthening of our souls.
You have a choice to live under Obligation or Obedience
If you have been living your Christian Life under obligation, trying to please God:
1. Find out what God thinks of you … spend some time in Psalm 139
2. Pray that God would give you peace and rest in Him
3. Allow other people in. Find a circle of Christian friends that you can be “safe with” (Small group, etc.)
4. Find joy in serving (family, friends, church, etc.)
If you are living under Obedience:
1. Keep growing in your faith and knowledge of God
2. Live truthfully; confess sin, keep right with God
3. Spread the wealth. Mentor, disciple, befriend someone and bring them into this adventure
4. Be a lifelong learner … don’t ever think you’ve “arrived”