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In the book of Genesis, God promised Abraham to make him the father of a great nation (Israel). Later, God promised him this nation would be given possession of an abundant land. In the book of Joshua, we find the story of God’s people taking this promised land. Through the story of Joshua, we will be challenged to be strong and courageous in our faith and actions. We will be encouraged to obey God’s commands and believe his promises for our lives. We will be asked by God to serve him wholeheartedly and guide those in our care to do the same. This series will strengthen our resolve to faithfully follow God, and experience His power and victory in our daily walk with him.
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This Week's Scripture

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Taking the Land Pt 4
Joshua Ch 7

1. The Story of Achan
2. The Application
1. The Story of Achan
a. The Sin vs1

2. The Application

a. God is holy and must deal with sin
b. Sin is both an individual and corporate matter
c. Don't mess with sin, confess quickly